seriously considering migrating from code to selling snacks, becoming a barista or whatever

some people just drain all my motivation to code even personal projects

feel like i'd be happier, and less stressed, selling t-shirts by the beach 🫠

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    I was thinking to attend raves and sell fried bread there.
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    Do it pussy
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    Honestly, i never understood why people went into something like software engineering to work for some rando company. I realise the need is there and all... but esp with pay being rather low for devs nowadays, i just dont get it.

    Be a *whatever* to pay the bare necessities, then dev some shit u care about.
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    If I specialized in computers it was clearly because I didn't find humans all that interesting

    Why have the humans come to me. Can they not
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    There was a rant about gatekeeping on this job. Now you understand why it's necessary.

    Hordes of freshman idiots who think they can code and companies allow them to do so because they can pay them less and squeeze 'em.


    A ton of shit code, stupid practices, idiotic paradygms by these self proclaimed geniuses
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    sheep grazing - you need to eliminate people from the equation
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    Ask @NoMad for barista tips
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    @IHateFrameworks many so-called "gatekeepers" I see around here are self-proclaimed experts trying to defend rules/standards they arbitrarily make up themselves.
    My hunch is that the real experts are too busy to do any of this kind of gatekeeping. They’re busy getting shit done
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    @black-kite Your view is limited and unrealistic. The too-busy experts you are talking about are a minority of people with an innate community-devoted vocation and are white flies.

    For example John Skeet and similar.

    Those are too busy because they run big companies and communities and everything flows money into their pocket.

    The vast majority of expert are normal people with passion for the job who learn and try what they learn and are tired of stupid people ruining their day.

    And of course there is also a % of the "self-proclaimed" experts you're talking about,

    I'm in the field since 13 years and honestly, I'm tired of all what I described.
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    @IHateFrameworks ive seen you comment several times now...youre apparently out of touch with reality.

    You keep bringing up your "13" years of exp as if it inherently means something about your skill/ability;It doesnt.
    I believe @black-kite was simply referencing something similar to my stance on learning dev via youtube. Aside from some major sources like W3schools, you're unlikely to find skilled devs on yt... why?-- theyre more likely to be dev-ing something new than repeating something they know how to do, taking 10x the initial time, just to explain, vid, edit, etc., something to randos online.

    Its similar to the saying "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."

    From your commentary, i think youd be lucky to teach anything. This also means that i innately believe that the vast majority of what you say has little to no merit.

    Since your standard is defined by years working in this industry, technically I have 23 years of professional experience, so I must be right.
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    @jestdotty yeah... but also way less time to keep building skill or shiny new things.
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    @jestdotty yeah, tbh im already needing to go a similar route to deal with my innate disdain for social media.
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    @awesomeest You could have saved 5 minutes of your precious time. instead you wrote an useless rant. ok
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    @IHateFrameworks wow, you must type slower than my high school's graduation reqs... which honestly is even more sad given the fact that i have only 1 working hand and type 70wpm.
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    @awesomeest So you resorted to the type speed thing because you were out of ideas?

    It was better to not reply at that point. Have some dignity
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    @IHateFrameworks no kid, i mentioned the typing speed because it's directly relevant and relative to your comment. If you can't see that... well gl in your irl hurdles.
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