Have you ever watched Idiocracy? Please do. Especially the smart ones in this platform. I'm afraid it might just be the most accurate forecast of the future of humankind. I've been mentioning this movie for years.

Politics, genZ, etc. - the trend is already there.

I don't have a TV. Mostly bcz I have better things to do with my time than watch ads and tv shows.
In youtube there are people who do reviews of various things. A few days ago my wife came across one that reviews episodes of a tv show that, apparently, is shown on one of the most popular Lithuanian TV channels. It's called Undress. The idea is that 2 people, a man and a woman, meet in a studio in front of a camera, do some small talk and then undress each other. Then they go to a bed in the studio and do various tasks: provokative questions, touching, kissing, etc., occasional slips of nudity

Usually girls are strippers, porn actresses, whores, etc. Guys are salesmen, bus drivers, finance workers, etc.

It's awkward and sad to watch it. But whats even more sad is that it's broadcasted on a TV and people find it entertaining to watch. Even morevsad is that there are people who willingly sign up as participants, knowing the whole nation will be watching and they seem to enjoy it.

W.T.F... Idiocracy

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    why you kinkshaming my man? People wanna put their genitals on full blast to a country, that's on them to decide it.

    Also, I have watched Idiocracy, and no, the world isn't turning like it NOW, but its always been like that. Clown world.
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    @aviophille what's this 1984 reference?
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    @netikras it's a brilliant book give it a read

    Here's a good free audio book rendition if you want to listen whilst doing stuff: https://youtu.be/iesAEtjA9wo/...
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    Wait til AI starts gaming your neurotransmitters. It'll be worse than modern marketing
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    One of the funniest and saddest movies I ever watched.
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    @aviophille just as a heads-up, if a trope gets overused, it becomes a cliche by definition.

    Also, if you haven't consumed neither of the media, how come you comment on it?
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    @aviophille Idiocracy is just a good trash comedy

    Don't gotta elevate it to a classic

    And 1984 was a thought experiment. Now it becomes reality so it feels lame though, so not much benefit in reading it now. Over here 1984 was mandatory reading in schools. I don't think it did anything to prevent it coming about. Sigh
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    Idiocracy is for plebs.

    Clans of the alphane moon however...
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