Everyone who uses the name 'X' instead of twitter, can you explain your reasoning?

The only reason the name was changed is because Elon Musk wants to troll as many people as possible. If you use the name X, you were successfully trolled.

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    It's Xitter
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    Almost the same reasoning as changing up icon with the same X on their site: to be "trendy". In the face of bigger problem, which is relying on this platform in the first place, it's but a wee detail...
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    just like facebook. They can't escape their history.
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    you're the dumb one for being on Twitter/X in the first place.
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    I see you can read minds but can you also read books ?
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    why not just call it by what it is:

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    Musk's toy.
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    lol, EDS post. Been a while since we had one of these.
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    He's not trolling, he bought x.com like a million years ago and has tried making it useful since. He's upset it never worked out and now that he has this power trip of a website in his hands he finally decided to shoehorn in his weird obsession with this domain he owns.

    Bit sad.

    Edit: source for my bullshit (x.com bought in the 90s, used to be early Paypal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...)
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    He named it after his son. What's so bad about that? /s
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    it's shorter.

    quicker to type.

    devs are lazy bastards,
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