What do you guys consider as toxic work environment in dev world?

I havent had a toxic one by now (or i cant recognize how toxic environment looks like)

But i feel like i sharpened my dick so good that no one would be able to spread toxicity onto me. Im like a bee 🐝 sting me once first and you'll get stung twice as much harder. No one would be able to fuck with me especially women

Dont give a shit if ur a dev manager hr boss or God. Disrespect me first and watch me do karma back to you immediately

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    and then the bee dies
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    @iceb I'd first need to give a shit even if the bee dies for the whole situation to be against my favor. And frankly i really dont give a shit
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    When you can't figure out who the asshole in the group is...

    Wonders what a toxic environment is, then proceeds to describe how toxic you would be if someone slights you. People who are not toxic don't go looking for revenge.
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    @Demolishun if u dont fight back and let others push you around like a floating shit or be a nice guy--everyone will continue to disrespect you. You give them the permission to disrespect you. You show them how weak pussy bitch u are. They will keep u as a slave to work for slave salary or even give u more work. When i told this company that i won't give a SHIT to even consider working as a DevOps + backend engineer (2 roles in 1) for $900 a month they offered me higher salary. Their lead engineer told them to increase my salary even more after he saw what i built in their office during technical interview. If i accepted to be a pussy and accept 900$ a month they would view and treat me like one. Now they treat me like an irreplaceable GOD that i am. They view me as the Big Daddy. Soon I'll ask for even more money or they can lose me. I'll milk them dry instead of me being milked. I'm agressive with my emperor commandments. Everyone has to obey and worship me. I am the chosen one
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    @b2plane standing up for yourself and revenge are not equivalent. Being assertive and proactive are desire-able traits. Seeking to hurt someone after a slight isn't. Are these the same in your mind?
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    'especially women'

    Yep I was right about my incel hunch
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    > No one would be able to fuck with me especially women



    Oh I get it, too sharp dick.
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    Toxicity imo:

    People being vague about expectations, instead choosing to force their emotions at you and effectively engaging in emotional bullying, threats, vague implications, confusing attempts at blame, etc

    People saying one thing to your face but something else to their bosses, other co workers about either work or their impressions of people, tools, experiences, etc (whether they like or dislike something). Stealing impressions and mirroring them depending on who they're talking to. General inconsistency and creation of confusion.

    People being afraid to talk to each other because they fear retaliation, or because they came from somewhere where such things were rational to fear and nobody has defrosted them from such a disastrous viewpoint yet. Such dishonesty is a ticking time bomb for later drama, but can be defused easily enough if you have adequate control over the local culture
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    "Telling people it is wrong for them to defend themselves is exactly what causes toxicity." I didn't say don't defend yourself. I said, don't be vengeful. If I have an issue with someone, and we cannot talk it out, I am going to my manager or hr. I am not going to become the person waiting for a chance to get back at someone.
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    @MammaNeedHummus he’s not an incel remember he has sex with his really super hot girlfriend
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    @jestdotty it’s not like it’s a trench war battlefield where you are constantly paranoid. You don’t have to be in defensive state all the time, you just gotta play the politics and know when to stand up for yourself at the correct times - in a PROFESSIONAL manner, bare in mind…
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    @shovethisrant thats right u got it and in fact i just came back from fking my hot blonde gf whole night and morning after the Second New Year
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    @jestdotty why do you have to disagree with literally everything and everyone? Is being a contrarian toxic?
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    @jestdotty don't fucking straw man me.
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