I do not see a difference between getting a salary and buying air to continue breathing.

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    I do, freezing or starving to death is a slow and painful process. Suffocating must be swift and easy in comparison (though I never tried it)
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    @lorentz by the end of each month i feel like im running low on the oxygen in my gas tank and slowly starting to suffocate but then i get a new dose of oxygen on 1st of every month and i can finally breathe now, and i break out of this while(true) loop when die=true
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    When I got my first pay I thought prostitution would be more dignified
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    Even monkey have more freedom than human being
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    @jestdotty i live close to a block full of… fine establishments. I’m not sure if the workers there would agree. I see these cute young women going in and out, then half of the customers are guys in their fifties or older that they would likely never want to touch.
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