> Ask scrum master question on teams

No response for 45 mins

> Ask colleague on teams

No response for 45 mins


Fuck it. Im going to the shitter to take a big fat shit!

*12 shits later*

Come back and see a missed call and 4 new messages from them both


Cant even take a fucking shit properly! Fuck off

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    Holy shit, you are ACTUALLY counting it?
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    Well thats the solution, send the question and go directly to that bathroom and bring the phone ;)
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    @Voxera and answer the calls while shitting
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    Hello you have reached shitting.
    I am currently @b2plane , I will call you back asap.
    Leave your message after the tone!

    *single plop as the message tone*
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    @melezorus34 i put toilet paper in the shitter so plops don't happen. I'm tired of getting my asshole and balls splashed with toilet water every time i take a shit. Whoever designed toilet like that has definitely got to be some gay shithead who likes his asshole lubed up with toilet water. Fucking idiot engineer
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    @b2plane no no, it's a pre-recorded sfx
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