now I’m starting to understand why unit testing is helpful as I’m making more and more features to the existing system I’m beginning to realize that the more shit I add the more chances I have of the existing components to fucking break for no reason this is very annoying and time-consuming

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    It also creates job security. Have fun testing all the things!
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    That's the jist of it.

    Unit tests let you refactor units confidently.

    Acceptance and behaviour tests are where it's at imo
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    every time I explain this to people that hate unit tests they just laugh how dumb we all are for writing tests... that's until they experience the pain of large project refactoring...

    Why no one ever listens and everyone *has* to learn on their own mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes of others is beyond my comprehension of humans... :(
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    Be thankful that your boss lets you spend time writing tests
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    @Hazarth i learn from the mistake of other.

    Based on that i stay the fuck away from things like:react/jquery/python/java/c# and many more.
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    @shovethisrant its for my own project
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    @lungdart all automated tests let you do that. You don't have to unit test everything. Otherwise you create the triangle of sadness.
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    @hjk101 different tests give you different levels of confidence for different pieces. They all over lap, and you absolutely should but be testing everything.

    You eventually get a decent feel for when tests are valuable, and when they're just wasted effort.
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    B2plane is learning basic helpful redundancies?!?! When did the timeline split? Which alternate universe are we in?!

    If he starts testing in containerised envs with an array of different variables and OSes, im gonna need to recalibrate for the apocalypse.
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