Windows just activated TPM on my Windows 10 computer on first of february 2024.
The main reason I stuck with Windows 10 was the sole reason of not wanting to upload my hardware-fingerprint to MS.
Well, guess they just got it themselves and now, disabling the TPM comes with a lot of downsides, as it is now holding my certificates hostage...

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    You don't really own your computer if you're using Windows. I mean they push people *ads* into the start menu... As far as I'm concerned that was already far overboard. Windows 7 was truly the last good windows system :/
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    Fun fact, they already have the fingerprint when the license was activated.
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    @C0D4 what's more, they would've had it since Vista or even earlier.
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    Microsoft gets away with it because many Windows users bicker, but don't act. In that light, they got the Windows they deserve, and it's only going to get downclouds with the "cloud" company that can't even keep their master key secret.
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    So use Linux. Apple straight put a hardware backdoor in my iPhone for the NSA. They've definitely seen me naked..
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    @dontbeevil Apple sucks because of overpriced hardware deliberately designed to be component incompatible as to shut out market competition.

    Like MBA, fucking 920€ for going from 256GB to 2TB SSD? Eh... can get a 990 Pro 2TB for under 200€. Ofc the MBA doesn't have an M.2 slot.

    That's already the good kind of suck because Apple hardware also often sucks from being amateurishly misdesigned in the first place. But the marketing makes up for all of it.
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    @dev0x01 I do now, my good sir. I do now indeed.

    All I need in life now is proper nvidia graphics driver support in unix...
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    @Fast-Nop thats why I, back then, decided to not pay that amount of money. Instead I dropped my three year (or two year?) warranty by installing a original apple 512GB drive I got on ebay for 200 bucks (in 2016 or so). The price-gap from 128GB (which is really not much) to 512 (which is okay) was almost 800 bucks and I was not stupid.
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    @Hazarth the more I read, the more I become convinced that there never was a "good" windows, at all.
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    Like @C0D4 said, windows generates a hardware fingerprint and stores it on their licensing servers as soon as you activate windows (maybe earlier). They use it to detect your key being used for multiple computers. If you change something major like a motherboard or CPU, you need to call Microsoft otherwise you’ll get “please activate windows” in the corner of your screen until you buy a new key.
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    The inclusion of ads and promotional content within the Windows operating system has drawn criticism from users who prefer an ad-free computing experience. While Microsoft has integrated various services and app suggestions into Windows 10 and newer versions, users often have the option to disable or customize these features.
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    @AlgoRythm strangely, though, I never had that problem. And I am pretty sure I installed windows more often than the average computer-joe.

    I am talking about at least 20 times.
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    @kalyl sure, but only after they phoned home at least a dozen of times, effectively grabbing all valuable data they can, while they can.

    even asking to opt out of something generates new information, and they crave any form of it.
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    @lilycollins9x your comment makes sense, but why do you put a link in the middle as if this was spam?
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