I’ve been inspired by programming many times, but a few early moments really stand out for me. Some of those most memorable early moments came when I developed Flash games with my friend in high school.

Growing up, at this point in time, around 2005, Flash games were really hot. All the kids in my school played games on addictinggames.com during any classes that took place in the computer lab, and when my friend and I started making games, it was our dream to get a game featured on addictinggames.com.

When one of our early games ended up getting featured, we were absolutely ecstatic and I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing our own work on this game website that we loved for years prior and that so manly people at our school used. It was the coolest thing and I think went a long way to encouraging me to continue to want to create things, after seeing the impact we were able to make with a simple game (as two high school students).

And I think that shows the beauty of the internet today and the power people with few resources have to get stuff out there. I think it’s maybe gotten harder as of late since there’s probably more competition, but I also think the audience is ever-growing and I hope many more people get to experience that awesome feeling of having something you worked hard on become popular.

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    awww that's awesome! Did you put stuff on newgrounds.com too? Imho the home of flashgames
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    Good ol' flash games, awesome story!
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    I should seriously start to creat something for myself instead of client projects. 😕
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    @plusgut absolutely, I really liked Newgrounds :) That was actually another moment - the first time we had one of our games featured on the NG homepage, which we always dreamed of too haha. Were you on NG a lot too?

    @linuxxx thanks, and I’ll miss ‘em!

    @mrlinnth definitely, I really think every dev should have projects they work on for themselves.
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    cuteness of developers
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    Great post. I was never adept enough to build a flash game when they were all the range. Most I could manage was tinkering around with a little JS.

    Also this post means you are now on the scoreboard ha. sorry number 10 you were knocked off.
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    @dfox woa nice! Congrats! Yes I was addicted to newgrounds games and movies and collecting experience points :D
    But I have to admit that I was just a consumer back then.

    That you got featured by them is awesome!
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    @dfox what's your newgrounds username?
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    Nice! I remember we couldn't access any games sites without a proxy so I used to embed flash games in excel spreadsheets and distribute a usb pen around for people to copy from 😂
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    What was your game called?:)
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    if you were to recreate the game now, what technologies would you use?
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    @calmyourtities would love to see this
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    My son still plays Flash games at Friv.
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