> using rust
> tries to read some files from a directory
> writes 200 lines, commenting them out and trying things
> losing steam in caring

unexpected complexity

you could do this in like 5 lines in most languages

(I'm trying to sort by extensions and then convert to json and not make it look ugly all at the same time, so some aspects may not be as first assumed)

there's too many random methods that you think will do what you want but they do not
such strange people

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    the multiple ways to do something but unknown which to choose is really driving me insane

    did they mess this up or what
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    At least you're reading your directories memory safe 😂
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    I had the exact same issue in the same context. The recurrent `unwrap` or Result matching after each function call, having always to get the result as_something is really overwhelming.
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    @dmonkey yeah it was for me too in the beginning, but you get used to it. Especially when you start using stuff like unwrap_or_default or expect (or even ? to throw the choice upward the chain)
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