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Hey, i do not want to spam DevRant with non dev stuff, but i really want to ask this you, i personally cant only code all time, im coding full time and a lot in my free time, but i just cant only code.
So i found another thing that i fell in love with, i fell in love with animal photography!!
I want to ask you, yes you reading this: do you need something else than coding or not? and if you do, what? let me know with a simple comment!

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    I usually just play games like league of legends or runescape :)
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    Games are good, photography also. I'm a very lazy person and am married :D so we watch series, go to gym, regular life, I suppose, she reads more, I play more. I'd like to learn new skills but due to laziness its going slowly. But at least we are progressing in life... That's what I'd like to think, anyway
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    Id read if i had fking books that i havent read yet ;_;
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    Playing Music
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    Working on cars.
    Building random stuff around the house.
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    Basketball, quality time with loved ones, video games, sleeping
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