imagine thinking the future of llms / ai lies with yet another garbage python tool


reality truly is stranger than fiction


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    i mean seriously, why does it ALWAYS have to be python?? is it just because none of these hypsters actually know how to code in a strongly typed language?

    bad vibes.
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    Aren't a lot of these tools written in C++ in the first place? Then Python gets a module to glue them together.
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    @fullstackcircus well, one goal of "AI code generation" is that the user doesn't have to be skilled at writing code anymore.

    in my experience, people unskilled at writing code tend to gravitate to languages like python or javascript.

    which is not meant as an insult (at least with python), since those people usually are talented at "doing science". but they simply lack any talent for "coding".
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    @Demolishun idk, are keras and tensorflow C/C++ in the background? i typically stand clear of python as much as possible nowadays
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    @fullstackcircus yup. All of those data libs use cpp for number crunching

    Tf, keras, numpy, pandas, etc.

    Python won the war here. And it's not because of weak typing, because those libraries all require strong types.
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    @fullstackcircus I thought Tensorflow was C++, but their websites both push Python heavily. Keras says it is written in Python. Tensorflow has C++ API.
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