We hired a new project manager and he decided that we should document our whole platform which was very lacking.

But now, for every minor feature/rework, he expects that it should also be documented. Currently, it feels we have too much documentation that is not easily searchable... Half our time is maintaining Jira and the other 40% is maintaining the code and 10% is developing new features....

Is there a thing as too much documentation?

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    Depends on the project.
    Is it something that changes frequently? Or the project is a "ye olde cobol shoppe"?
    if first: no need to doc.
    secound: docs, first and always.
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    At my work, our confidence is bigger than the library of Alexandria.

    Thousands of hits for any keyword, 95% of them irrelevant or out of date. It's insane.
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    @lungdart you mean confluence 😂
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    @Lensflare we have cyborgs that do the dishes while telling you about their thoughts but my mobile keyboard still doesn't know what confluence is...
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    @lungdart weird. My keyboard just autocompleted it.
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    @Lensflare probably because I'm swiping. And using some strange after market keyboard I don't even remember the name of which was hot shit 10 years ago, but now I'm too used to it to try anything else.
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    @magicMirror It is pretty much 1 product that we sell with multiple different front-ends.

    So yes, changes consistently but the team is small enough that it does change THAT quickly.

    But turnover rate is high
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    documentation is the icing of lies put on the code

    I've always hated it though

    just give me the code -- I'm native to the language. documentation does make sense if it's to do with company standards or you're teaching someone a new language, API. but it's very difficult to keep it understandable especially if such a thing is going to be evolving over time, or you don't have test subjects that have to actually use these things to navigate whatever is documented. it might look like it makes sense to you but it won't to other people.

    but that's just my life-long grim opinion on the matter. people do say they like documentation for some reason so maybe they know something I don't
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