FuckedIn unrestricted me, and said it happened because my location was not reflecting the current location I am at. How the fuck they know it? Is it the VPN? I use it for 2 years. Fuckers.

I changed it, but one hour later it was restricted again. Are you fucking kidding me? I won't stop. I will spam these maggots and I will have my account back for good. The other issue is that shitty Persona they use to verify the IDs. It doesn't seem to be sending to them. That's what happens when trash uses trash.

Piece of shit of platform, piece of shit of detection system (or maybe not?)

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    Why would you use linkedin anyway? It's a stupid platform where even a janitor was named 'the head manager of office environment's cleanliness and healthyness'.
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    @daniel-wu now it is a matter of getting my account back, even if I delete it afterward. I don't want my e-mail in the limbo somewhere, too.
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    Unrestricted again. It was due to 2 payment errors.

    I will just not do anything at all. If I sneeze nearby, they might restrict me again for security reasons, you know, now passing on a virus to their servers and other users.

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    I would guess there is a lot of potential for fraud. Especially when some countries require people to be from their country to legally work there.
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    @jestdotty It wasn't the VPN, just the 2 payments that went wrong. I wanted to acquire the free month of Premium to search for jobs. I then would just delete my virtual credit card.
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    I don't get why people use a VPN.

    https is already secure and a VPN just moves your Connection information from your ISP to a sketchy VPN Company. Also sketchy VPN could man in the middle you easily by adding a CA Root Cert, which isn't uncommon I guess.

    VPN for impersonating location makes sense even tho I don't need it tho.
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    @jestdotty ah that's why it desn't make sense to me.

    Back in the day I used to create cracks and there is 90% viruses and so on. Nowadays paying x€ is cheaper for me than risking a virus and an incident with maybe my clients sueing me.

    Pirating isn't worth the effort for me and the other shinanigans I don't need. Barely get through my watchlist of things not region blocked xD
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    @jestdotty true but that is not as carelessly as installing a cracked photoshop
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