Last saturday, the CEO forced us to update one of the services that we are dependent out without any tests... The people responsible for it very much advised against it but they still did it.

Now, nearly a week later. The literal core feature is still broken with no fix in sight and rolling back is not possible apparently.

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    And this is where you all can come together, rehearse, and sing in canon: "we told you sooooo!"
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    Nickname this event. Something associated with the CEO. So the next time he says something stupid like this you can say: Is this a <nickname> idea?
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    @Demolishun My colleagues already got a name for it
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    @wojtek322 Yes, but saying is this more "fucking bullshit"? may not be professional.
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    @Demolishun half of the team in the office (not remote workers) is actively seeking a new job so they don't really care.
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