For years now I've been "dreaming in code" but in the stupid way, which is only appropiate.

I try to explain it to myself and *I* can't understand it.

One, by some oniric enchantment, is capable of communicating signals through use of some symbolic language; and any time one speaks, they are affecting all that follows.

So a sequence of these, of any size, corresponds to some kind of program, and the self is some sort of collection of mutable structures being affected by them. And new symbols arise from within the self, corresponding to sequences of previously spoken symbols.

This process in itself can be satisfying, for the mere challenge of engaging with it's bottomless complexity, but it also suffers from a complete lack of purpose.

What does it mean? It's all undefined, yet doing something, so it must *mean* something. But what is it doing? One simply cannot grasp it!

I go to bed at night and traverse my tree, I recognize it, I've been working on it for years. Time is different there, you can just keep infinitely building shit, it never ends. Then I wake up and everything makes sense, for a little while.

But what I see isn't quantifiable; I can't turn it into a representation that works outside of a dream. Does it give me some vague ideas for the "actual" code I'm working on, yes of course. Yet it's all so... elusive, I can never put it into words. How exactly I could think of this? Well, it's in my tree, I know it because I wrote it as I slept. But how?

Fucking brains, maan.

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    @jestdotty It feels like putting together small machines out of legos, if that makes more sense. You can then assemble larger constructs from all the little pieces, which in turn forms a hierarchy of sorts that you can walk up or down.

    But I also imagine the brain saying "fuck you, I'm not playing you a movie asshole!" and then just throwing me in a sandbox to keep me entertained ;>
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