just receive a refurbished 4 years old laptop.... then deep clean it.... now having dilemma on picking a distro......

mainly use to run data analysis (r, Python, Java, C++, mySQL, MongoDB and some cloud servers...)

my thinking about a good distro to me, comfortable appearances, customize freedom, community support and constant security update.

any suggestion people??

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    I like 'Ubuntu Gnome'. They've already done the work of installing gnome correctly. If your laptop is really slow consider 'Xubuntu', it's snappy fast even on old computers
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    Bunsenlabs i nice :)
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    @Linux wow really unique one xD will try this one then ... should be able to multi-boots in this workstation... i hope...
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    Manjaro is good too
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    It is basicly debian with openbox on Top :)
    simple, fast and good looking
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    I like Linux Mint. it's like Ubuntu before they ruined the UX
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