I have to rant a bit about the toxic reactions to a constructive Q&A website.

People keep complaining that they get downvotes and corrections, or stuff like that.

Are you fucking kidding me?

So you expect people to spend their own time for absolutely free, to help you, while you don't even want to invest in describing the issue you're having properly? And then complain that people are having issues in understanding your questions?

Let's look at this scientifically. Let's gather up some questions that have been received badly on SO in the last few hours. From the top (simply put https://stackoverflow.com/questions... in front of the id):

47619033 - person wants a discussion about an algorithm while not providing any information about what worked and what failed. "Please write a program for me". Breaking at least 2 rules.

47619027 - "check out my videos" spam

47619030 - "Here's the manual that has my answer but I can't find my answer in it".

47619004 - "how do I keep variables in memory"

47618997 - debug this exception, I'll give you no info on what I tried and failed. Screw this, you guys figure this out, I'm going out for beer.

47618993 - expects everyone to guess what the input is, what the expected output is, and whether he has read what HashMap is in the manual. But sure, this question is so far the best out of all the bad ones.

47618985 - please write code according to my specifications

Should I go on? There wasn't a single clear question about problems in code in this entire small set. Be free to continue searching, let me know if you find something that:
1. You understand what's being asked
2. Answer is clear and non-ambiguous (ex. NOT "which language is the coolest?")
3. Not asking someone to write a program for them.
4. Answer is not found in the most basic form of manuals (ex. php.net)
5. Is about programming.

The point is:
If you get downvoted on Stackoverflow - then you wrote a shitty question. Instead of coming over here and venting uselessly, simply address the concerns and at least TRY to write a clear question if you expect any answers.

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    I know what triggered this rant. ;-)
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    U mad bro?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 why would I be mad?
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    The problem with SO is that most of the broad questions are already answered which leaves the extremely situational questions from newbies - which never get upvotes or worse get closed with a curt GTFO-esque message. The other problem is the fragmented and (at times, extremely arbitrary) rule-bound nature of the site where perfectly legitimate questions get flagged off.

    SO is a great resource but it stopped being a good place to get questions answered a long time ago. There’s this air of elitism and unfriendliness that just permeates the site.
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    @Karunamon "worse get closed with a curt GTFO-esque message" - care to provide an example?

    Yes, most questions are already answered. And that is awesome, because there are common questions, that have extremely well written and curated answers. That's how it's supposed to be. And those questions must be the only ones in there, to direct only to the best possible answer.

    "perfectly legitimate questions get flagged off" - again, please provide an example. So far from what I've seen while taking a glance at downvoted or flagged questions, only ONE was not obvious crap, but it was poorly written, poorly specified.

    What air of elitism? Even stupid questions that shouldn't get an answer (they break the rules), get an answer.
    As for friendliness - it's neither friendly nor hostile. Questions are asked, and usually answered. If you want someone to stroke your feelings as well, I guess it's the wrong place.
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