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    Could also be titled "When you F#ck up on stackoverflow"
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    Yeah a couple of developers need to get together and create a new stackoverflow that isnt ruled by trolls
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    @jckimble Brilliant idea.
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    @jckimble that is just stupid. Learn how to ask properly and you'll keep the score positive, no big deal.
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    @KeyWeeUsr not really. Ive seen some thought out and researched questions be downvoted and closed with comments saying it was a repost when they just read the first sentance on the question. I never ask anything on any of them cause i like the satifaction of figuring out the solution like the old days without stackoverflow
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    @jckimble Totally true.
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    true that...
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    haha 😂
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    Fuck this is funny
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    My favorite is when they say "have you tried googling?"

    Wait... what's google? Oh man... why didn't someone tell me about this earlier?!

    Or when they say "why would you want to do that?"

    Well... it's taken me 6 months to get where I am with the project and I've had to do many things that I wasn't expecting to have to do... do you want me to send you my diary of the last 6 months of coding? Or do you want to just answer my question and not try to be condescending about the whole thing? I know that this approach isn't ideal... but that's not my question. I came to StackOverflow because I find myself in an unfamiliar and rather odd situation and I'm hoping someone can assume I'm in this position for good reason and just help out.

    No one thinks your cool cause you think my question is dumb. Sorry you haven't entered the real world yet and been presented with a problem and a bunch of handicaps attached to it.

    Good day sir! I said good day!!!!
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    It happened to me hahahaha totally true
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    Yeah !!!
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    @ericfledderman hahaha this needs to be top comment.

    Nothing to triggers me harder than some smart Alec asking me why instead of telling me how
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    @ericfledderman Don't like that either, but sometimes the asker is just trying to screw a screw with blewing on it. :D
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    They are all one hungry zombies. They pull 😨😨😨😤you down.
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    @ericfledderman What I don't understand is why someone would take the time to comment "why would you want to do this?" when asking isn't beneficial to finding an answer. If you don't get it, then just move on...
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    Last week I've asked a question about Swift lol phuck me lol
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    Still more welcoming than mathstack Exchange
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