It's been a year since I first entered the world of development.

Let's see what I have accomplished so far:

Java, J2EE, Node.js, Python, Django, Android, Angular, html/css, Rxjs, RxJava, Linux, MySQL, Mongodb, Docker, Heroku, AWS

All unfinished.

Still working in IT security goddammit.

Fucking hell. Why am I so good at learning but shit at working?

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    You learned heroku? Interesting. :D
    I guess you mean learning about messaging, load balancing, what a massive fuckup the cost of redis is and how retardely stupid their https routers are?
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    I learned how convenient of a testing platform it is and that they are indeed expensive.
    Haven't tried redis,load balancing etc yet
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    You should definately take a look. For each thing I hate heroku for there are like 5 I love.
    Besides implementing sso with https only. That's like the dumbest shit ever and did let me age 10 years in just 2 weeks.
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    U learnt much more than I do in 4 years 😂
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    I suspect that you did some tutorials on these technologies. :) Knowing a technology takes some real experience.
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    I never said I was an expert, pro or mastered any of these. Just learned them from small projects, tutorials and courses.
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