Ah, yes, the ages old dilemma of a piece of shit function written in-between taking long drags out of a fucking crackpipe being more reliable than the refactored version; how delightful.

Now, they say broken code from cleanup of sketchy bits is better than any working snippet whose reading feels as pleasant as being repeatedly slapped with a decaying rhinoceros testicle sack, but I'll be fucked if I don't __sometimes__ feel like I just *might* prefer eating the maggot soup out of the rotting fucking gonads of deceased male pachydermata than deal with this kind of shit: feet facing backwards and all that.

Ugh. If only I could live my life without everyday feeling like I'm on a pointless quest to slay a mother fucking dragon, where everytime I get to the castle I'm suddenly a mustachioed italian plumber stepping on turtles and my bitch is in another sicillian ghetto. You know, basic shit.

The good thing in seeing these old errors pop up again after my shoddy bandaid of a patch is taken off is that I'm finally experienced enough to realize that my ~ A P P R O A C H ~ was wrong to beg with. And this is VERY nice, because I came in to do some trivial maintenance of forgotten code, and now I have a plan for correcting a very small and silly but definitively annoying as fuck design error.

Why am I so annoyed then? Because it's more and more work, it never fucking ends, and I can't EVER take a break: with apocalypsis incoming, as we have clearly seen in the stars, tea cups, palm readings, crytal balls, ouija boards, and also in the cover of old-school pornographic magazines nailed to the wall of a defunct newspaper kiosk, the fear of economic collapse is somewhat too real to even THINK about any kind of necessary vacation.

And so: fucking shit, here we go again... TIME FOR MORE COFFEE.

<ad> But have YOU ever picked ingesting the hairy BALLS of a large mammal over doing your stupid job in a proper way? Is the ghost of your dead self haunting the hollow being that remains in this meaningless plane of existence? Do you lull yourself to sleep by chanting dark prayers to the Horror Immemorial with a heartfelt desire for the sweet release of death?

While it may be true that your corporate masters are keen on savagely raping your every breathing hole from the ass up to your fucking eyesockets on a daily basis, there's no good reason NOT to have a good time -- and with the help of ScalySalad, you will be able to unwind in the evenings by realizing your *supressed* childhood dream of debouring the certified, lab-tested, 100% authentic, gonorrhea-infected ASS of a sewer-dwelling lizard man!

ScalySalad pimps only the FINEST specimens of failed, government-sanctioned and highly clandestine experiments for your lacertaerotic pleasure. These proud and noble creatures were once human beings, until they were kidnapped by [CENSORED] in order to be used as weapons of war against their enemies. And for the lowlow price of GABTRIDTIHSTAE, you will be among the few lucky ones to experience the GLORIOUS taste of their anal cavities before they go extinct!

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Illegal inter-species fornication has never been easier! Thanks to ScalySalad for sponsoring this �vI�n��lK�^�3��V#^B�^NI�%^G�v�|3I��.

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    @jestdotty All I know is that Salem is the name of a talking black cat, THEREFORE the town is named after him -- it cannot possibly be ANY other way.

    Also how do you delete a book. I'm trying to get rid of this cursed grimoire but casting thunderstrike on it only corrupts the data and I need it gone for good. Please hurry, I'm being stalked day and night by a fucking wraith!
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