I bought a Lenovo laptop in 2022 and after six months laptop's hinge was broken. It was in a warranty period so they replaced the broken parts in a month. Then the keyboard was not working so they replaced it too. After 1 year, windows got corrupted. And now, in 2 years, the hinge is broken twice. I have only one question.
Why the hell do you guys make such weak laptops?

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    A few keys of my Lenovo broke after 4 years
    These mfs thought it's a good idea to require disassembling everything (even the display) to replace the keyboard, and then mount it using hundreds of plastic rivets you have to *melt* instead of screws
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    Wanted to post a picture of my broken Lenovo keyboard but then I didn't. Just retoor things. Nothing to see here. Ofcourse there's no amphetamine between the keys.

    (Broke also two lenovos in a year due overheating).

    Can't help it, I'm a x270 addict. Keep buying it
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    @retoor 🤧 I'll never buy Lenovo products again fs.
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    @fruitfcker I have the IdeaPad model anyway. and trust me it's so weak :)
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    @devRancid the worst after sales service for a reason.
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