The best video game ever in your opinion? Mine is Half-Life 2.

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    The game
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    Doom (1993)

    Runner Up: Descent (1995)

    Honorable Mention: Quake (1996)
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    - Worms 3D

    - Liero

    - Aqua Nox

    - Age Of Mythology

    - Minesweeper

    hard to choose
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    @tosensei feel like a kid again reading that lol
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    First, I knew it was kiki :)

    Second, yes HL2 is definitely one of the top places but I don’t have one particular favorite game.
    Some other candidates:

    Final Fantasy 7
    Command and Conquer - Red Alert 2
    Banjo Kazooie
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    Doom 2
    Worms Armageddon
    War Craft 3
    Last Epoch
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    It depends on the genre:

    Doom was a lot of fun at the time.

    HL2 is one of the best FPSs. I also like Halo 1 a lot.

    Morrowind is a great RPG. Though I like Skyrim because of the combat and graphics.

    Best shooter RPG I have played is Fallout 4. Really like the base building and strategy mini game in that game. It is an RPG with tower defense stuff going on.

    The best 8 bit RPG I played was Dragon Warrior 3.

    Best fighting game was the old Street Fighter.

    The best building game is Minecraft. Especially modded minecraft.

    Best exploration game I have played was No Mans Sky. The depth is a little lacking though. Planets get old after a while.

    One of the best story RPGs I have played is FFX.
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    Clay Fighter was the funniest fighting game I played.
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    @Demolishun never expected to find someone else who knows what clay fighter is
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    @TeachMeCode I played it on SNES.
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    Jagged Alliance 2
    World of Warcraft
    Gothic 1+2
    Prey (2006)
    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
    The Witcher 3
    Dungeon Keeper
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    @Demolishun > "Doom was a lot of fun at the time"

    Many, *many*, hours of playing Doom/Descent/Quake 'LAN Parties'. These kids will never know joy of hiding their game directories and bribing the network admin with pizza/donuts/beer to ignore the spike in netbios traffic.
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    @PaperTrail yeah, we played hexen and descent on the college lan. Fun times!
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    @Lensflare what do you think of the FF VII remake?
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    shit this one is hard(hehe) but I would go with:

    - Sekiro

    - TloZ Majoras Mask

    - TloZ OoT

    - Elden Ring

    - Alan Wake II

    - Re4

    - Hollow Knight

    - Control

    - Dragons Dogma (1st is glorious) still playing the second one which just came out, but it is magnificent

    - Skyrim

    - Halo 3 (great memories of playing this with my brother)

    There are more, I just love games, but these ones really got me caught HARD(hehe) in terms of the lore, storytelling etc
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    HL2 had the most moments of things I'd never seen before. Like chopping a headcrab zombie in half with a saw blade, the first real game I played to turn the environment into a weapon.
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    Candy Crush
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    For me it’s pretty much everything @AleCx04 listed!!
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    @AleCx04 Quite good actually. I‘m hyped for part 2 but need to wait for the pc version.
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    @AleCx04 I got bored in Morrowind and started reading the books in game. It really is a game changer. Was kinda pissed though. The necromancy books talked like there was some hidden stuff in them. I was hoping I could do this in the game. There was nothing beyond the spells. Bummed out. It would be cool if the books actually taught you stuff that you could not get without reading them. Not just spells.
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    world's adrift was really promising but then shut down...
    the most hours I played in a game was shin megami tensei
    I also pvped a lot in Aion private servers, cuz stellar combat

    when I first played TES Oblivion I disappeared for 2 weeks and neglected even answering messages to the friend who gave me the game so that was fun

    GunZ best shooter I played, though maybe Halo Custom Edition was funner?

    gnomoria was really promising but the dev gave up cuz couldn't afford to live =[

    ... kenshi has a special place in my heart as well aaaa. restarted it like 6 times still haven't finished it!
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    @jestdotty KOTOR was fun. Fable was okay. I didn't like that you get old in the game.
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    @Demolishun i loved reading the books within the game as well. That is how I learned about sultry draconian maids
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    @TeachMeCode a fellow scholar of good taste I see!
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    @AleCx04 you got hist fever then?
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    For me, I'd have to say, coming from the late age of arcades...

    - Alien vs Predator (arcade)
    - Metal slug 1-3
    - KoF, Street fighter II and mortal Kombat.
    - Time crisis I and II
    - SNES Mario kart and F-zero
    - Chrono trigger
    - FF 6, then 9, then 7, then 15.
    - LotZ (pretty much all of them from ALttP)
    - Sonic 2 and 3, Sonic advance and Sonic adventure.
    - StarCraft and Warcraft II
    - Castlevania SotN
    - Super Metroid, Metroid prime and Metroid dread.
    - resident evil 2 (original and remake), 4 (original) and 7.
    - crash bandicoot 2 and crash team racing.
    - Spyro the dragon (all 3).
    - legacy of kain: soul reaver and defiance.
    - Tekken 3
    - Soul blade, Soul calibur, II, III, and V
    - God of war (original, 3, 2018 and Ragnarok)
    - super Mario 64
    - banjo kazooie/tooie
    - super smash bros (all until brawl, included)
    - starfox 64
    - Halo 1
    - gran turismo 2
    - panzer dragoon
    - wario land and wario ware
    - Pokemon (all til 3rd gen, included)
    - Golden sun, I and II,
    - medievil I and especially II
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    @electrineer I see you chose violence.
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    And I just realized that it was meant to be a single one, but so many masterpieces...

    Anyway, since I started, feel free to bash the rest too.

    - gears of war (I and III)
    - the Witcher III
    - pretty much all souls (sekiro and Bloodborne too)
    - Baldur's gate III,
    - Cuphead
    - Helldivers (I and II)

    And probably some I'm missing.

    But if I were to choose... I guess I'd limit it to one of three:

    - GoW 2018 + Ragnarok
    - StarCraft
    - Sekiro
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    I loved GunZ, but the sheer amount of hackers kinda ruined it for me.
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    My favorite games that I can snappily recall are somewhere in future, so right now it's Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys! They're releasing short on May 7 and I can't wait to give it a proper look, but the trailer is rent free in my mind already. Love visual novels and point-and-click adventures, always take me back.

    Black Mesa: Source and Half-Life 2 are the GOAT!
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    - Factorio
    - Fallout 4
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    @rol1510 I wish Skryim had FO4 base building and strategy mini game. That could have made the civil war an very interesting storyline.
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    Mine is soon on steam, it will be called "ShowMeSpeed"
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    The Beginner's Guide

    (from the creator of Stanley Parable)
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    @CoreFusionX FF15, really?
    I played all of them and FF15 was one of the worst, imo. 😂
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    @Lensflare is 15 the online bullshit?
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    Castlevania SoTN
    Chrono trigger
    Zelda LttP
    Super Metroid
    Star craft
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    14 is the online one.

    15 was cool for me. Dunno. Never played 13 or 12. The whole open world, seamless combat thing seemed quite novel (in final fantasy) to me. Then again, I only hold 7 dear because it was the first 3D one and that makes an impact.
    Otherwise, 7 would be way way low on the ranking.
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    As disclaimer I should say, (even if it is obvious for anyone who understands my list) that I grew up with SNES/Genesis/arcade, all the way forward to Wii/PS3. Then no more consoles for me, just PC.

    Last handheld was 3DS.

    Why I know other games? Borrowed consoles.
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    Monkey Island, Doom I & II, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, even those old Test Drive games (yeah, I'm that old).

    @kiki Half Life 2 is getting remastered this year, will definitely revisit it then!
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    @devdiddydog wtf, they gearing up for HL3? I had written off that whole series.
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    Btw, if you have VR gear, half life alyx is a masterpiece too
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    @jestdotty as someone that never played KOTOR, do you recommend it even today? I see it all over the place on huge discounts, heck I think the one for the switch is like 10 bucks.

    Should i?
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    @AleCx04 don't read about it before hand, it will spoil stuff. Not sure how the graphics have held up. I played it on XBox. It is a really fun story.
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    @AleCx04 another really fun title I played on Xbox was Jade Empire. I kind of want that on PC now.
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    @AleCx04 I played it when I was 12 but it's one of the few games I not only finished but kept replaying

    I didn't know what star wars was then. I also didn't even read the back of the box, some dude just handed it to me and I plugged it in. it was just a very nice universe, with tons of surprises and interesting things that made me think a lot

    it is a story game. does good vibes too I think. memorable characters, universe and such

    so if you're into that stuff I don't see why not. it's a well-made game, and you actually feel like you went somewhere else while playing it, and it pulls at your emotions and you get invested often
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    Minecraft. A master class in sandbox games.
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    Drakengard PS2 (2003)

    God of War series

    World of Wacraft: Wrath of the Lich King (My childhood)

    Apex Legends - I seldom play


    League of Legends (almost ruined my life, sober for 2 years)
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    @kanyewest WOW ruined my friends marriage. So I never played it.
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    @kanyewest overdue as hell for a remake of the first one on ps2, thought the opening with hydra attacking the ship was sick
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    @AleCx04 I’m going to nickname dragons dogma 2 the out of shape simulator.
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    @Demolishun You have definitely dodged a bullet my friend.

    The thing about Blizzard is that their games were really good that it was addicting. You have pay to play afterall. Plus, if you already have some childhood issues, the addiction goes over the roof.

    Meanwhile modern games are more sinister, they're free to play but addicting as fuck not because they're good, but they have cracked human psychology and machine learning is just OP. For example, League knew when I woke up, when I was angry, when I was happy, what made me play more, what didn't make play etc.
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    I’m on the fence of deleting dragons dogma 2
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    @AlgoRythm Finally, someone.
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    Because of this post, I just bought Dragon’s Dogma 2 😂
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    @kanyewest > "Apex Legends - I seldom play"

    Now-a-days, Apex is about all I play.

    <fire up apex>

    Me: "Here we go, ahh..Control...let's GOOO!"


    Daughter: "Can you help me with math? I can't figure out the probability of the dart hitting a bullseye."

    <20 min. later>

    Me: "OK, logged back in...Gun Run? No thank you..Trios here I come"

    <1 minute into game play ...interruption>

    Wife: "Stop playing that stupid game, you're a grown man. Have you cleaned the windows yet? My car needs the oil changed. When is the last time you washed your car? Shouldn't you be exercising instead of siting on your ass?"
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    @TeachMeCode man the amount of freedom one gets to do in terms of character creation in this game is crazy. I went with a regular dude build on my current gameplay, but i will make it a muscle mommy for the second for sure
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    If I have to pick one, Skyrim
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    @evertiro I really wish there was a nex gen port for Morrowind that kept the magic and skills systems in tact. I loved the janky spell creation. I mean you could become a god in a few minutes, but hey it was fun!
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    @AleCx04 I’m still playing it lol.
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    Do you mean fusrodah?
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    Let my man play a game, goddamn...
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    @Demolishun Just a remaster of HL2 as far as I know. Same game, updated graphics. Looks pretty smooth!
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