Look, I get that this isn't exactly about coder stuff, but I need advice from folks who've got some education under their belt and aren't just spouting off opinions like randoms on the internet. So, here's the deal: today, I walked in on my eldest daughter hanging out with her friend. Now, when they saw me, they sorta shuffled away from each other like they'd been up to something—maybe cuddling or kissing, I don't know. Thing is, they're both girls, both 16. Is this normal friend behavior? I'm freaking out here—I don't want my daughter going down that whole 'lesbian' route. I don't know much about friendships all I have is my wife and I used to have a couple dev buddies before I got fired...

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    I suggest going to the local priest and subscribing to their EaaS (exorcism as a service) offering. They tend to be reasonably priced and have a very good success rate on the removal of things such as the gay.
    I’m praying for your daughter 🙏
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    Just leave your daughter be man love her for who she is

    Gay is good
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    From one father to another:

    She'll do what/who she's going to do, and you just need to accept that.

    Being an obstacle in her relationships will end up impacting your own with her, but that doesn't mean don't drop kick them if they don't treat her well.
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    A therapist once told me a great piece of wisdom: you can’t change anyone’s “want to”
    And here want is like “I want to live my life expressed as I truly feel.”
    It your daughter is just exploring her sexuality or is finding she is fully gay, you must ask yourself:
    What kind of relationship do I want with my daughter? This is your child, you have the increasingly rare blessing of being a parent, do you want to cherish that with the one thing we know is real: this life, or do you want to destroy it for someone’s ancient vision mistranslated and put into an agenda?
    I can’t change what you want to do, but consider the outcome of which want you should answer…

    Ps also jumping right to sexually charged idea is a stretch. These girls might just be touch starved, modern western culture is so weird about touch and closeness when really it super natural and way more common in older societies.

    Read some books about parenting teens. You can read things you disagree with and still learn.
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    On the one hand good on you for not going to an echo chamber, on the other, why is this on dev rant lol
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    To be fair almost 100% women I know kissed another woman before just to try it. And a good degree did more than just kiss too.

    Doesn't mean they are lesbians. Women in general are a whole lot open to personal contact and experimentation. So it doesn't even mean anything in the first place.

    But even if she was gay, there's just nothing you can do. Would you rather she be in a forced, unhappy and unfulfilling relationship with a man or a happy relationship with a women by her own choice?
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