One of my favorite old jokes:
If you wish to know who rules you, seek those whom you're not allowed to criticize… We should rise up against children with leukemia!

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    Ramdom fact: Leuk means nice / fun in Dutch.

    In real life you can just criticize everything. No one cares. The media isn't real life
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    Don't take "you can't criticize subject A" for "someone mocked me because I said very dumb shit about A".

    For example: "why can't we criticize JavaScript and HTML and python and stuff? Those are just for lazy people, real programmers use only assembly".
    That is not "criticizing higher level languages", that is just being dumb.
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    When you meeting the Avengers today and Stan Lee tomorrow...
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    @Demolishun 😅😅😅😅😅
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    @kiki you said attack kids with leukemia. I think this would be pretty effective in the war on leukies.
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