Long live Laragon. Its been a good tool for the last 3 years but some things are proving a little difficult to do... especially working with Laravel 11.

I've been burnt by Docker before - even after attending £££ docker classes. Containers just randomly dying, containers can't talk to each other, taking 150% of my laptop resource, slow AF... I give up.

Back to XAMPP it is :(

I wish I could just get a mac, but people don't build the desktop powertools I need on macOS.


6 days lost to the infinate loop of debugging docker and slow development. Never again.

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    my Laragon PHP cli takes 100% of the CPU sometimes
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    Never have issues with Laragon. So far it is better than XAMPP.
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    Jumping off the 4th floor is more appealing than touching anything Laravel related, unless I'm allowed to cleanse it in the process.
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    Containers dying? Not able to talk to each other??? Spending money on docker courses?????

    Bro, dockers the shit. It’s not as easy as it first seems, but once you got it down, it’s a breeze to work with.
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    On Linux use perf and dump the report as issue to github repo

    Or at least the filtered Version! They fucked it up their problem to fix it!

    Layers and layers of complexity for nothing but greed!
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