everyone comment on every video on youtube is an unoriginal thought copying all the others

and yet they are all smug saying "AI could have never done this"

look in a mirror rubes, you've already lost

but i guess they'll never recognize

yours truly,


source for the angry: https://youtube.com/watch/...

also, true "moral" of the story is that the meaning of life is your hot highschool girlfriend? wtf?

it is probably true that zoomers are the most lost of any generation ever

kinda ironic when we have easier access to every bit of compiled human information than ever before

oh well

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    YouTube hides comments

    so if you aren't saying the approved messages it simply doesn't get approved

    there was a guy who posted on his own video and his comment didn't show up... so he pieced it together YouTube was basically not allowing comments through

    some years back I used to get notifications pretty regularly that people replied to my comments but this ceased to happen out of nowhere. pretty sure I'm shadow banned or something and have been for years. haven't gotten a notification like that... in 5 years? something like that. before I'd get 2-3 replies in 1-5 days after leaving most of my comments
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    Isn't the story line of Twilight: the importance of having a boyfriend?

    Just like @jestdotty I get zero interaction on youtube anymore.
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    @jestdotty I am starting to see comments of mine on reddit get the same disappearing act. I can see them, they don't show up on the page.
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    @Demolishun if you're not part of the hive mind, you'll be silenced!!!!!
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