My TEN YEAR OLD twin girls came to me with a TIMESHEET and PIE CHARTS to explain to me why "Our household would benefiter (sic) a Nintendo Switch".

They... actually did what for an intern would be a passable data storytelling job (orthographic errors aside).
They explained how they would share the videogame between themselves (because it is not allowed at their school, not that we would let them bring it there anyway) in a colorful timesheet spanning four days a week.
They even put a pie chart showing how most of the time nobody will be using it.

I feel at the same time immensely proud, scared, and a wee bit freaked out that they came with all that to me but with their mother they just talked. Do I seem so distant that they feel they can't convince me without data? I gotta watch out for using work jargon at home.

Anyway, first "interns" that I have ever seen using a pie chart with the appropriate number of classes (even if highly biased).

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    Well kids like to immitate. Before you freak out you should probably ask them if they had fun making the charts. Maybe It's not that you're distant and they need data. Maybe It's just that they like you and want to be like you. To be fair, making charts and tables is fun xD
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    So when are getting the Nintendo Switch?
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    maybe it was a joke-way to approach the problem

    plus, kids trying things is good thing, not bad
    I think kids always try things in wacky ways
    and the more wacky ways the more skilled the kids become as adults!
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    If noone will be using it most of the time, it's a waste of money 🫡
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    I would push back and explain that you and mom need some time slots too. Then there is the matter of what kind of hard labor they will do to earn this. Working in the Minecraft mines do NOT count.
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    I wonder if I could make money having my kids create and sell online gaming profiles for different games...

    Jessie! Its time to cook!
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    Is PowerPoint with copilot out yet?
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    Shower them with praise and be impressed. It is likely why they did it... they wanted to impress dad maybe as much as they wanted the Nintendo. Hell, after reading that I want to buy them the switch!
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    Update: We agreed to gift them a Nintendo Switch, as soon as their school semester ends. They were polite but relentless on their FUPs. Their mother and I are so proud!
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