Tinder is not the same as it was 4 years ago. Wtf is this bullshit. I see some girl who looks hot then before swiping right i open the bio and it says TRANS 🏳️‍⚧️

Fjcm off

F7cking MENTALLY ILL handicapped♿️♿️♿️ Sick Fucking motherfuxkers

Why is this even a thing

I never knew trannies exist in my country

I thought we were not like america

This plague seems to be spreading everywhere now

Whoever legalized transgender stuff should get the worst possible execution and torture as a death sentence

Aside from this bullshit i cant fucking tell if im being catfished, chatting with an AI bot, or wasting my fucking time on some other possible fucking way--because who the fuck says they want to meet me, text me on my personal number, and 1 day later block me, unmatch me and never reply again for absolutely NO reason????

Fucking whores


It is expected, and from my personal experience years ago, that tinder is used only by mentally challenged people

That sounds ironic but let me cook

I dont use tinder out of boredom or to troll, i delete it as soon as i find someone. The app is cancer. I dont need it unless i need to find someone else, fast and easy. Tinder saves time to find someone and easier to break the ice especially for an introvert like me. While you got some people who literally use tinder out of fun! Several of them told me they're not looking to get fucked or find a bf, they just use tinder for fun. What the fuck are you then looking on tinder? To find someone to go to the church and pray to God??


I even experimented. I split my personalities in 2:
- 1 being a rude fuckboy douchebag who directly asks them to give me pussy
- 1 being a normal guy asking them out for a drink and talk

Can you guess the results?

Of course the fucking douchebag type of personality got more pussy! I got replies by being a fuckboy, even their phone numbers, 4+ of them in just 1 day, while the "take you out for a drink" guy got ghosted, no fucking pussy, slow replies and unmatches!

Of course the fuckboy personality also got backlash, some of them unmatched me but lots of them didnt. While the "coffee guy" got nothing.

Fuckboy got at least 70% success rate
Coffee guy got 0% success rate

And both are the same person, me, b2plane

That's tinder in 1 paragraph summarized

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    If you think they're hot what's the problem?
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    if they text they wanna meet and then block / ghost it's cuz cold feet

    they went too fast and then got anxious about it. kind of their fault
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    The internet is a poor reflection on what society is like numbers wise. You would be better off meeting people locally at local places adults go to meet people. Personally I would just go to church social events.
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    @jestdotty Tf they're weird then. And very rude and disrespectful to not say anything
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    so... your problem is that... _people exist and are different from you_?

    (that... _and_ your morbidly extended colon from taking unhealthily huge craps while hallucinating your 'hot blonde gf')
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    Says tinder is for the mentally challenged but then proceeds to use it ....
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    y'all remember that guy who went out on a date from tinder but got caught by 5 black guys who took him at night somewhere in the desert , robbed him stripped him and raped him and left him half dead in the desert?
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