Today we got the following (approximately, don't remember it literally) error message on a windows server:

Please turn on your computer. Updates can't be installed while your system is turned off.

Genuinely; de WUT?!

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    Really one of a kind
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    Maybe a network machine was ment, not the local one? Does the server have control over other windows machines?
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    @AvyChanna What do you mean?
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    @Forside Not entirely sure about the context but as I understood it, it really was about that server :)
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    @linuxxx Never seen something like that
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    @AvyChanna Me neither! I've used windows myself for years and I've seen quite some stupid error messages but this is a new one haha
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    @linuxxx I once had the typical hang up notice, but for Windows.
    "Microsoft Windows doesn't respond anymore. Do you want to close it?"
    Actually just the explorer was ment.
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    @Forside I always get really confused when I see that message
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    Shit Windows' AI so advanced, now their servers can dream. ­čś▒
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    They forgot to add "at 2am"
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