Tech lead doesn't focus on the fact that I solved the problem, only says stuff like:
- "yeah but this is why we are Agile"
- "did someone else review your code?"
- "you can't expect me to have to understand what the program does"
- "did you get permission from X to solve this problem?"
- "talk to someone else if you have any problem. only come to me with answers"

I guess I don't have to explain I don't like my tech lead.

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    For people like that, it's not about solving the problem. Like golf isn't about putting the ball in the holes. It's about honing your skills at getting the ball in the hole within a carefully defined set of rules, and networking and playing politics with the other people at the club.

    Solving problems in an org like that is like going to a golf course, and just walking up to each hole and dropping a ball in it. Everyone looks at you like you're mad.
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    @donkulator Best explanation ever. Really puts things in a different light. What should I do then? Follow in those footsteps? Is there a future for someone like me who has kids, to do something like that? Or is it only for people with nothing to lose?
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    @gitstashio Smaller organisations are much less likely to have this problem in my experience.
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    @jestdotty As in, you've found the same, or you think I'm being too cynical?
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    @donkulator I think I hate golf

    also that's so stupid to me

    I mean you kind of normalized it and made it look less stupid by comparing it to golf. I always put it in my head as them just "pretending to work", but it being golf is maybe... a ?nicer? way of putting it? I don't know. my skin is crawling
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    @jestdotty Dunno about nicer, but I think the golf thing is broadly the reason for that kind of behaviour, rather than pretending to work. A lot of people like that are genuinely passionate about what they do, but what they do is effectively a game. It's not about getting the job done. I'm not defending them, just trying to understand the motivation.
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    @donkulator I don't understand what they're passionate about

    it's pretending to work to me, since the work doesn't get done instead they walk around doing useless things. so idk what the passion is. like what do they think the passion is?
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    @jestdotty Climbing the hierarchy, I suppose. Getting good at the politics, like you'd get good at any other game.
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    @donkulator there's not enough data to determine that doing all that nonsense climbs the hierarchy

    also you're more likely to get hired at a high position outside the company than ever get promoted within?
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    Maybe they are scared because you perform better than them
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    @shovethisrant Thanks. Nice of you to say that. However, if there's one thing I learned is that it really doesen't matter how you perform where I am. At the end of the performance review I am considered a hammer that is not performing well because he cannot rake leaves.
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