It was a cold monday evening.
I was alone in my room.
Many hours of coding had passed.

Windows offered me two options:
"Shutdown with update"

Anoyed by the update but thankful for the first option i decided to go with number one.
Windows started its shuting down process when all of a sudden...

"Please don't turn off your machine! Your updates are being konfigured!

It was that evening...
That one speciall evening...
I decided...
To finally...
Do nothing about this problem and cry myself to sleep...

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    I feel you.... 😞

    Wait... πŸ˜¨πŸ€”

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    "Hey, you had two choices, not Windows' fault if you picked the wrong one!"
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    As a writer, I have many problems with this, but this is devRant, not an author community so I'll keep quiet about them.
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    @Michelle That's not how it works.

    Say something or stay quiet.

    But we can't change what you have done. The comment is already there.

    So you force me to ask what your points of criticism are!
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    It's simply the writing style. I'm sure you'll get angry if I change certain parts. :p
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    @Michelle Feel free to change whatever you want!

    I won't get angry!

    I'm never angry!


    Stupid miche...
    "As a writer" she says...
    Writer my a...

    Uh... I mean... Please! Go ahead!
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    And that’s one of the reasons I decided that I won’t use Windows for anything else than gaming, or other things that Mac or Linux can’t do
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    Ah, then allow me to crush your dreams with my criticism which I do very often ;)

    Kill me in anger all you want, in the end, I'm helping more than harming.

    I love seeing improvement in people which is why I do this:

    * * *

    It was a cold Monday evening and I was alone in my room, after coding for many hours.

    * * *

    Annoyed by the update, I went for the first one, which I was grateful for.

    * * *

    Windows was shutting down and—

    “Please don't...”

    * * *

    It was that special evening when I decided to finally—

    do absolutely nothing but cry myself until I fall asleep.
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    Still uses windows 7 on personal machine.
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    @skprog @michelle Thoughts on referring to self in third person?
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    Why don't you move to linux? :(
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    You mean in general? I personally think there's nothing wrong with that :)
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    @Michelle As a non-writer...

    Your suggestions aren't THAT bad.

    Let's call them 'acceptable'.

    Not that I couldn't have done it better myself... obviously... ;)

    But for real now: Thank you!
    The next time I'll have to write a short story for devRant I'll defenittely come back to these.
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    I hope you did not just call my writing "decent" or "just average." It must be perfection.

    I have a debut novel which is in the querying process. If my writing isn't "that bad" (which is less than perfect) then I'm practically nothing. Writing is my life.

    Anyway, I'm glad you didn't kill me. Yet. :)
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    @Michelle That makes me wonder...

    If writing is your life does that mean that your hobbys include living?

    Oh man... I'd like to write more but I'm in a real hurry so I guess no killing for now...
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    Living is simply a thing I do in the side. It comes later after writing, of course ;)

    Phew. I'm safe for now.
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    Hahaha if I can give you an advice in this area as a former IT repairman for 7 years:

    Click restart
    Unplug the bitch

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