Linux vs Microsoft

Well, this war is certainly one of the oldest. IMO,
Linux - great for automating stuff, free, and customisable.
Windows - user friendly, softwares much more easily available, much easier to use.

Frankly, I have tried using Linux a lot of times, but never liked it one bit. I am a GUI fan and hate to type commands for every little thing. Plus installing Ubuntu wiped out my disk once and I lost all my school memories ( this was in 2008, I didn't know much about backups, was quite young) ,so I am quite vary of it. I just don't feel it to be intuitive. Just to do a simple task, I loathe to learn difficult commands, and just read the syntax.

However, I have no bias against people who use Linux.

It is like religion, live and let live, follow whatever suits you.

On devrant, why's there so much hate for Windows? Because it is paid? Because it has updates? So what!
I never had a problem with it, I update once a month, takes 10 mins. If you set up your active hours correctly, it works great, you can disable updates also. Windows 10 is highly stable. It is paid, but in my country almost all laptops come with windows preinstalled. The OS-less laptops are about $10 cheaper, which is not that much to freak about.

Would love to hear your views and logical arguments.
Please be polite.

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    I personally use both. For some workflows windows has better software solutions, for others Linux provides me every tool I need.
    Heck, for some things I'll go a third way and throw BSD on the machine and expect it to work.
    The os is just a tool not a religion. Use whatever serves you right and doesn't consume you time fixing and tweaking.

    PS ++ for the please be polite 😄
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    For me the reason to dislike windows is mainly all the malicious software in it as well as the non existing security and privacy.
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    What if i hate both? Templeos is the one true os.
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    @BindView hahaha 😂😂
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    @binop what do you mean by malicious software? I don't go clicking on Download on suspicious websites. Plus windows defender works pretty well and doesn't slow down the system.
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    @nbamaral absolutely agreed. I wrote OS is 'like' a religion, follow whatever suits your needs. Of course it is a tool only.
    Let's go to a Linux church, we'll build it to go inside 😁😁
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    Tech wars are always dumb really. I follow the principle of not shiting on the things that people like to use. From operating systems to languages frameworks etc. Its all about being nice to one another and plus: a good software engineer is well versed in multiple solutions. Fanboyism has no place in comp sci.
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    I use both :]
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    @AleCx04 ye i would agree 100% if i didnt have to use javascript daily
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    It’s undeniably true that most Linux systems require the user to be fairly comfortable with the terminal, and for those who are, the ability to customize your system to suit your own preferences, style, comfort, etc., is the greatest selling point of it, and, thus far, no GUI tool allows that much flexibility, and I doubt that that will be changed in the next 20 years or so.

    And so for these power users, Windows will never be able to provide as much flexibility because it’s not built for that, and they don’t seem to be too interested in catering to just power users.

    But that may change with automation, bots and AI being rapidly improved and researched upon. We might come to a day where all we have to do is say a few words to a machine, and it’ll write its own code and execute what you want to do for you, and await further instructions if they are unsure of how to proceed. That will, however, put a lot of programmers out of their job. I digress.
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    One big problem I have with Windows is that Microsoft has services they want to sell you, so to suit that purpose, many rather critical and highly visible elements of the Windows UI/UX are dedicated to positioning those services for your purchase. I don't see this tendency going away. My guess is that the next big version of Windows will be filled with microtransactions. DRM-protected annoyances that can only be removed/relieved for payment.

    Such a scenario is unthinkable in Linux.
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    @BindView i love working with js :P i rarely dislike working with something. I even managed to make classic asp with vbscript enjoyable.

    Way better than waiting tables, working on retail or getting shot at by angry sand people i'll tell ya that!
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    I use windows because games are made for windows. WINE is not an alternative. I use Mac with a windows vm at work. Yay ios Dev. Installed Ubuntu studio only because that's the only USB drive I had when I forced a hard reboot during a refresh.
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    I'd rather Linux any day just because of the customisation options and openness of it, windows is just too locked down for me.

    Being able to change a wallpaper is cool but if I can't control my window controls, overall UI style, it just bogs me down and means I can't be as efficient as I'd like.

    I don't HATE windows, I just dislike it and hope Linux does become more and more user friendly.
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    I use both.. Prefer windows for watching movies since at the time I actively booted to mint the vlc was buggy..
    Anyhow, I don't have problems with win7, but transfer to win 10 was a pain in da butt. All those new restrictions, to disable the updates you have to mess with the registry. But most of all I loath how sometimes even if you postopone till further notice it just starts installing & rebooting.. I meam wtf?! I wad watching some series, but what if I was working? &didn't do the auto save like a maf man?! Then what?! So yeah, this is why I dislike win10 + auto opt in for numerous data collectings & privacy breaches..
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    In a world of mass surveillance and (govt) backdoors, I'd rather use an open source system which can be verified.

    Next to that, when I buy a computer it is MY computer so I should be allowed/able to do whatever the fuck I want with it including with the software.

    Still the main Linux reason for me, I'd rather not use a system which can't be verified for potential backdoors.
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    @linuxxx While that is understandable, it is also a flawed argument for open source. I would argue that very few people have the necessary competence and knowledge to find such bugs or intentionally build Spyware. Let alone how many actually even take a look at that code.

    Heartbleed was an ugly reminder of that.
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    Well I just prefer linux since I can tweak it as I like, no auto-updates, lots of free(gratis) and open source software. I feel like it's more personal and well, I don't mind that it doesn't cost(even if it did I would still pay for it though. Now that I've gotten used to the whole terminal workflow(in my case, vim+tmux), it would also be hard to go back. I also find it quite interesting and I like the fact that I can even run it on older hardware where it performs quite well(especially with something like openbox or i3). With all of this being said though, I don't mind people using Windows, but it would be nice to see more people switching over to Linux.
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    @happypotter I mean software that is already included in Windows and we can't get rid of, e.g. surveillance of users, DRM, censorship, a universal back door, etc.
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    My 2 cents:
    - it's not a problem to prefer an os to other for several reasons, the problem is to act like you're the one that use the only right os/tools, qnd everybody must do the same, or they're wrong and bad, without even think of several different scenarios
    - paid/free/open source... I guess everybody here likes to get paidfor their job
    - malicious software, if you're so stupid to click and give admin rights to any attachment/banner you click, you deserve it... What about android?
    - security flaws https://cvedetails.com/top-50-produ...
    - bugs, who writes sw without bugs? Its easier to write os that runs on 1 hw configuration (apple) than 1000 (Windows/android)... And still look at how many bugs/problems on macos/ios/iphone x in latest months
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    *Windows 10 is stable*
    Yes, only on hardware that has good support (I mean is new). Otherwise, sudden turnoff without a screen of death is what happen...
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    Objectively, comparing something like Linux Mint with Windows 10... I don't think Windows is the more user friendly one.

    The only reason to use Windows, preferably locked up in qemu/kvm, is Adobe software and DirectX games.
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    The point you made are not really valid. Linux is just as user friendly as Windows. Automation is also something you can do on Windows.

    The hate for windows from a developer standpoint is simple. They break with many standarts for no reason and managing your development enviroment on Windows sucks thats why WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux was introduced.

    Simple as that.

    A OS is also just a tool, i use both and AmigoOS for my old programms that run shit in the VM.
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    I use the best of both worlds: macOS.
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    There's indeed a part of my soul inside u Potter
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    You don't have to install antivirus on Linux 😛
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    @bittersweet Adobe softwares 😪
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    @da9ish Applications like KDEnlive and Inkscape are super neat... but still a few ranks below Premiere/AE and Illustrator, sadly.

    So I do run a VM with gpu passthrough just for AdobeCC and Overwatch.
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    @bittersweet I have to switch between Linux and Windows just for that
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    @da9ish Qemu/KVM is the answer. 😉
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    Linux erased ur disk? How?
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    Heartbleed affected servers, not desktops. It could be argued that Shellshock affected desktops, but I disagree. We can talk about that if you want, but my point is that the reason there have been arguably zero major vulnerabilities for the Linux desktop, compared to literally hundreds of thousands for the Windows desktop, is because Windows' security model is inherently flawed, and Microsoft won't do anything about it. A prime example of security being built in, is Linux. A prime example of security being bolted on, is Windows.
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    @dontbeevil thank you for a very mature answer. Loved to read it. ++
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    @thepra well yes, I do use latest hardware configuration
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    @Makenshi Of course that's a fact but if something is closed source, it can't be checked at all and I find that very dangerous.
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