⚡️ devRantron Themes ⚡️

You can now customize your devRantron experience using themes.
Use the preset themes or make your own and share it with the others!

We've also fixed tons of bugs and added some of your suggested improvements 🙂
for more information read the changelog.

I would also like to announce that we're stopping active development on devRantron since trogus will publish a new web application for devrant in future. And we are excited to work on other exciting projects!

If you're on Windows, restart devRantron to recieve the update.
If you're on Linux or MacOS, download the update from https://devrantron.com/

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    I would also like to add that it's has been an amazing experience developing devRantron. You guys were awesome ❤️
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    @matsaki95 thank you! I spent a lot of time one it. Might as well go out with a bang :)
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    @matsaki95 totally agree. This is some quality design right there.
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    When it comes to design, @Dacexi is a fucking genius!
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    and when it comes to structure. @tahnik 8s a fucking god.
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    What other project? I'm actually thinking need to do some OSS projects... Not getting anywhere on the job....
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    @billgates we are thinking about couple of ideas. Will let you know.
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    📌 for new ideas :)
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    @ebourgess @ThatDude Are you both using linux? We didn't recieve any bugs like that in Windows or Mac. What was the behaviour? You could press F12 to give us some logs.
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    Sorry about that, I remember having that problem. I thought the problem was tied to specific distribution as no one else complained. And electron doesn't support auto update in Linux either. I will look into it.
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    Css is just..
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    @nobes meant for desktop since there is absolutely no point in visiting it on mobile. The time making it 100% responsive was much better spent on the actual app :)
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    @nik123 nope because we're ending active development.
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