A client wants to make a Pokemon GO type of game.. In two months.. (before the hype ended, they said)

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    for (int i=0; i<1000; i++) {
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    charge him for a million bucks, half upfront and hire coders :D
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    oh crap... brace yourselvs for a flod of "listen I have a guniess idea for a killer app! can you build it??"

    which will be exactly like pokemon go just with somthing insted of pokemons..

    "this is the next facebook" they'll say..
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    Digimon GO?
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    Counter Strike GO? oh wait..
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    @kargaroth the problem is the scope and the timeline of the project. Adding programmers will not make it easier :(
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    @darthy this. Happens every time there is a phenomenal game. Angry Birds, Crossy Road, you name it.
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    If they insist you may have to take their $$$ but the copycats rarely work out.
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    @Jumpshot44 well if they insist :) never tried game development yet.. on my must learn things list
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    All I can say is "Pay Me" at least half up front before the fad dies.
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    ...with blackjack! ...and hookers!
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    @depe which AR plattform do you gona use?
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    @heyheni nothing than can be compared with Pokemon GO's AR apparently. I know Vuforia, but it will only works with some kind of marker. Not sure how Pokemon GO can display the pokemon on the 'correct' surface (i.e. on the ground)
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    oh crap, thats true they all need markers or an reference image because they are made for advertising. :-/
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    @heyheni they are not made for advertising, but the algorithrm will need a reference of the flat surface for the 3D model, hence the marker. The Pokemon GO's AR is more advanced because it needs no marker at all. Maybe they look for pattern in the color change or something.
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    @depe there is an AR function on Xperia phones far better than the pokemon go AR, still it's a lot of work to be done in order to create your own and the cost is just to much for any company without some millions dollars and a lot of experienced developers.
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    I was the 175th upvote, you are welcome :)
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    @heyheni you have the right idea lol
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    @depe well it doesn't actually... Try to be sure, but I think it will only spawn them with the correct orientation (accelerometer and gyroscope)... In fact there are a lot of funny screenshots xD
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