4x4ghz CPU, 16gb of RAM, 100mbps downstream and 1tb ssd... and it took windows only 2 hours and 4 restarts to install an update...WTF

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    Windows was you first problem. I kid of course, that's just the nature of the Windows.
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    @JohnScott I get your point but as I love playing games on pc Linux is no real option.
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    @bosi I won't hold it against ya. #why_cant_we_be_friends
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    Dual-core 2,8ghz, 16gb ram and ssd:
    Creators update was like 20 mins
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    8x4.42GHz, 32GB RAM, SSD, 135Mbps down. Took 3h. THREEE FUCKING HOURSSSSS
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    Windows updates are not a problem for me. The problem is the update screen on which you can't do anything else. You just wait staring at it.
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    4x2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 512GB hybrid disk, update usually takes around 5-10 mins

    You guys are doing something very wrong...
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    @Krokoklemme you are right. I install insider preview every month and it tooks only 30 min Max to update. I have a Samsung 840 ssd.

    Maybe they are counting the time for windows download.
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    2 hours? My laptop running i5 7200u, 1tb HDD, 4 gigs of RAM, takes around half an hour to update (fall creators), the download takes a lot of time though 3MBps connection. (Third world problems)
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    2 hrs .... 22 hrs ....??? Wtf
    3.1Ghz, 8GB ram , 7200 rpm hdd, 5 mbps, and 20 mins avg for the last five updates

    But also, Fuck superfetch
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    Maybe it was mining bitcoins for you.
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