So I and my friend worked on a website for a guy about 6 months ago and he didn't payed us (we had a contract but he is a d##k). Whenever we use to ask for money he'd ask us to do something else or add another stuff on the website (told you d##k). So we decided to leave without taking the money and now he's still using the website that we made.
While working with him he shared his server credentials and they are still the same (we still have access to everything).
Now we were thinking to teach him a lesson, we don't want our money back.
So, devranters what's the evilest idea you can come up with?

So far my friends suggested me:
-mining cryptocurrency
-replacing websites homepage with some abusive content
-delete everything on the server
-revoke his access to server (he would somehow get that)

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    Not that I am advocating this in any way but ...

    If you do something, make sure he is unaware and it can't be traced to you. So mining BitCoin is a good idea because he wouldn't be any the wiser for it.
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    @scytheri0n I don't think so we'll be able to mine Bitcoin since his server config is average and can't mine on client side I don't think so he have a lot of users
    And yes we are aware of being traced back.
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    I'd go for mining too. Even if he notices a slowdown he probably wouldn't have any idea what happened.
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    clients from hell
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    Fuck that guy
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    Revoke all the contents & strip him off his credentials.
    But slow death is better then killing at once.
    1. Add false content to his website.
    2. Delete the contents from the database
    3. Exploit the server and yeah, Bitcoin mining is good too!
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    It's likely that if you weren't paid, the code is still yours and he is using it without permission. I'd seek legal advice first, cuz your former client's a d###k and might come after you if he suspects you did anything. To be safe I would first send him a message requesting that your code be removed from his server (email for paper trail) and then if he refuses, remove it. I've found that crappy clients are likely willing to pay legal fees even if they didn't pay developer fees so tread carefully.
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    @kdiggity @da9ish write a script that automatically deletes your files on the server on your ultimatum. if he revoke your access, you are save. if he pays you only need to create an file and the script deletes itself.
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    Build a script that decreases the opacity on the body element for every day after by today's date. Until it is 0

    Not my idea. Read it in a previous rant.
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    You have a contract so legally have the upper hand.

    Email them stating that due to a breach of contract on the agreed terms you are forced to take legal action unless paid.

    Usually this is enough to get them to pay but if they don't then sue the fucker.
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    Always have a contract. Always add backdoors and remote kill switches. Remove these only after final payment.

    Like others said, you have a contract with him, and he violated that contract. This means you very likely still own the code/content (depending, of course, on the contract wording and your country's laws). Legal counsel will help here.

    A good idea for next time is to put a clause in your contract listing legal repercussions for failure to pay. These can include (but are not limited to) late fees, contract cancellation fees, interest on balance, formal written apology, etc. Generally as long as it does not infringe on someone else's rights, it's legally valid in a contract. Point this out to the client, declare him in violation of contract, mention "short and curlies," and you'll usually get your pay. If not, you have a server someone else is paying for. Do with it as you see fit. I recommend the "This client has failed to pay" route, though adding a miner is interesting. I'm curious about the legalities surrounding the miner, however: it's your code, but their server; who would legally own the bitcoins/etc.?

    Ofc I'm not a lawyer, so don't consider any of this actual legal advice! Just some common sense.
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    I’d advice getting paid, through legal letter threading or else. Sabotaging will only put you in a dangerous position.
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    My Proposal:
    Dear customer,

    until today we havent seen any sign of the agreed sum. If you dont pay the outstanding amount until 02/31/2018 we will reverse the work done and take legal action.

    <your names>
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    I agree with @7root 's suggestion, just pull the content and put a warning notice.

    As for the mining idea, make sure you're not abusing your position in any way - last thing you want is for him to use that as a weapon against you.

    And btw, you do not mine Bitcoin on a cpu anymore, it's useless. If you wanna mine something profitably you wanna look into Monero - a good server cpu with lots of cache and physical cores will make a you some bucks in the long run (just don't expect to become a millionaire overnight).

    Look into the xmr-stak miner by fireice-uk
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    This reminds me of one post I read today here where the websites opacity changed overtime...so in for example 1 month his website would completely fade away. These clients deserves the worst.
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    @Root ss'd your comment. Don't worry. It's for me to know what to do with a client in and before such situations
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    Keep yourself out of these problems by making a proper contract. The contract should include that the client has to make a first payment after signing the contract.
    Only after you received the first part of the total sum, you start working.
    Request monthly payments.

    Declare that the code is your property until the contract has been fulfilled by both sides.

    If the customer won't pay after release and within a given time, just take the website down and put up a message that this website is currently not available.

    Don't abuse your rights to the server.
    Running miner is an absolute no go and could damage the server and maybe other's hostings too (shared server). Mining put a heavy strain on the voltage regulators and CPU. Servers are not built for such load.

    Don't do anything you are not allowed.
    Putting up am message that kills the client's reputation could have serious legal implications.
    Deleting stuff on the server as well.
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