First rant! I'm currently on my first actual dev job and I've been learning a ton, doing extra studying/side projects in my free time and office environment is decent with good colleagues!


1) I'm getting paid about half as much as someone on my level (education and experience considered) - partly my fault, but thought experience would outweight the shit pay, now I'm really starting to question this bullshit

2) I'm away from all my friends, and by the end of my contract, 90% of them would have graduated... Have no friends outside of work where I live, and any social life I had, died when I moved

3) My work project is fucking tedious and could be flipped upside down to be of actual use, but no, company can't change how they've done things for the past 1000 years. But who gives a flying fuck about junior's suggestions, I haven't got decades of experience to back my ideas, plain logic and industry feedback isn't enough

4) Programming 24/7 for months is doing no favours to my hobbies, as I'm either too tired to do anything, or I don't have the time

5) The piece of shit library that I HAVE to use (because alternative has no support, lacks basic documention, the usual...) is built so that any automation that my project is meant to provide, is next to impossible to achieve, so day-to-day I'm just spitting in the wind as I'm slowly falling behind schedule

Quitting isn't really an option, as I'd have to find a job with significantly higher pay, really quickly to benefit from leaving... which is next to impossible

So here I am, stuck between frustration with aspects of my life and being contempt with other half (the learning and programming as a career)...

Is this something that will stay with me throughout my career/life? Or is it simply a shitty-entry-level situation out of which I'll grow out of?

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    Welcome to DevRant.

    Always on working mode is indeed tiring. I have been in that phase.
    You can try to take to your mentor or manager with valid points if you think something is correct, in case in team meetings no one is listening to you

    It happens many times that being a junior dev, you have to find your way up, struggling and fighting daily to grow better. And it's always difficult, but your hard work always pays off.
    Try to think of a role or company that you wanna join. And look how working here will help you develop for that role. It sounds easy to give such advice, but it's really difficult to follow up. I am stuck myself following this and finding ways to be able to include what I want to learn into my work tasks.
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    That's the thing, one of current goals is to work for a small company/possibly start my own in due time. Which entails knowing a breadth of knowledge and experience is across the development spectrum. Both of which I'm working through every day.

    And I did mention it to the client, mentor and manager. Mentor and manager sided with me entirely (great!), but the client is set on the desired outcome of the project and there's means of budge it, although if I'm successful it might be enough to tip them over the edge and then whoever works after me wouldn't have to deal with nonsensical tech stack I'm coupled with... Plus it's months past turning point and at least I can say I've tried everything in my power
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    @github, forgot to tag in the actual response ^, thanks for the response btw
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    Im in the same boat. Just moved 300 km for first junior dev job, underpaid, shit company and shit project.
    But at least the co workers are nice.
    And i am also underpaid.
    I also want to make my own company, working for somebody else is just not a long time solution for me. Im trying to learn everything i can about how to lead a company but its difficult...
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    @TheLazyDev since you mentioned your manager and mentor supported you. That's a great beginning.

    Clients are always difficult. Even for senior Devs.

    And it's great you are working towards building better codebase and system.
    You will be definitely rewarded for it.
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