This was typical for me:

Yesterday evening I was installing a webserver on my Raspberry Pi for experiments with WordPress. I began some days ago, but I had to stop because the downloads took at least to long.

So I started to logi in:

Username: Raspberry
Password: Pi
-> False Password

Wondering why it is not working a tried again. Same result. After some time I remembered that I changed my password.

Username: Raspberry
Password: Ih4G2tgY*
-> false password

Tried again. Still false password. Then I remembered, that I used my another standard password.

Username: Raspberry
Password: U2gra94hY*
-> false password

After that I felt a mix of angry and helplessness. After some other failed attempts I gave up.

I formatted the SD-Card and installed Raspian again.I started my Pi

Username: Raspberry
Password: Pi
-> false password

My thought: WTF, why does this not work!!

This was the moment when I got the brainwave that the Username wasn't Raspberry, it's Pi.

Username: Pi
Password: Raspberry
-> access

Then I hated myself.

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