Man, I think teaching is sooo hard...

it seems I can only start from two points: or I suppose the person is rock dumb and start sentences like "you know what top means right?"

(this is especially true because I'm not in a English speaking country and all of my references are in English (cuz since I learned it, I think it's easier to find good content in English))

or I go like:
"you only have to create a branch with the feature, the a class that implements the X interface to do this"
when the person doesn't even know how to make a function.

And now, I could convince the boss git is important and we should use it (I'm a intern). Result is: I need to teach git (git above all things, I have to teach git) to the other intern because the two interns will be responsible for taking care of the repos.

Not saying that I will fuck up, but leaving the repos to the interns, is this really a good idea 😂

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