Manjaro or antergos?

I've only tried antergos so far, and it looks really promising, but some people say its bad... 🤔

Looking forward to switch to one of them though, don't feel ready to go pure arch yet 😅

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    @irene Ok, I'll try Manjaro then I guess 😅

    I fear all that stuff which can go wrong during an arch installation... especially because I wanna dualboot
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    @kolaente Dual boot is always a pretty bad idea no matter the distro.

    And I would make the opposite recommendation, the 3 times I installed Manjaro it broke within the first hour. But well, everybody has a different experience with distros it seems.
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    @deadlyRants I know, but I don't have a choice here as I need/want a separate system for work and private stuff
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    @kolaente Regardless, dual booting is really not a great idea unless you're doing it from 2 separate drives.

    I simply created a VM on my Windows desktop. Not perfect but better than Windows update deleting the partitions again.
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