I honestly do not understand the hate for Macs. I know I'm not the first to rant about it, but it's sad that I have to. Yes, you can build a crazy PC with 172828 cores over-clocked to 79Thz for like $7 and have a taco along with it, but that's not the point. Each of them are good for their own things. Maybe, I don't want to spend the first 13 hours figuring out which version of Linux I need to run after I get a computer. I mean give me a break. Each of them are personal preferences. What people often don't see in Macs are value you get with service and surprisingly useful default apps (I'm looking at you Open office) and a solid feature set. Why am I even writing this, it's fucking 2AM.

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    You don't even know what are you saying
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    As someone who owns multiple PCs, laptops and a Macbook, I can honestly say the Mac is underpowered, overpriced and unless you’re using it for building Apple based software(iOS, OS X) what’s the point besides video editing and design purposes (trying to keep it dev related here)

    I can buy a similar spec’d machine with windows for less money, still have my warranty, and throw any OS on it I choose, personally I would keep it windows but options are available, plus if I choose to upgrade the ram, I can just swap out the ram sticks rather then find someone who can replace the onboard ram in a MacBook.

    Other then that, yes apple has a great service model unless you don’t have apple care for your products, so now I have to pay for a service every other manufacturer offers free 😂

    Ps: posted from my iPhone, so no I don’t hate all apple products😏
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    @C0D4 – I'm with you on this one. Only reason I have a Mac is because that's what my company gave me (I run a dual-boot of Linux & Windows on my personal machine).

    I do have to say the physical build quality of Macs is unparalleled, and as someone with a mech eng degree, I really appreciate the heat dissipation of the aluminium body, but that's about all it's got going for it.
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    @dontbeevil – I'm guessing the Mac's hotter because it's rate of heat transfer is higher (due to the aluminium - mechanically, this is a desired property), but the new XPS does best it with the tiny ass bezels on the display.

    The real temperature that matters is on the actual internals of the machine, but I've never been bothered to check the diagnostics lol.
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    Meh, a HP laptop does fine for me.
    (Sorry, I needed to correct you - it's "THz" not "Thz")
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    @adwalvekar I'm amused by the 'solarismasterrace' tag

    You're actually almost there - you said it yourself, everyone has personal preferences. Some things that aren't important to you ARE important to other people.
    - value for money (hardware/materials)
    - value for money (service, having an actual store)
    - customisations
    - gaming/performance
    - compatibility
    - DIY/self repair factor

    The things that are important to you are completely valid, if a Mac suits you're needs or the post-sales support is what you want then great. Just that other people don't necessarily have the same priorities and will value other factors more. If you can understand that then you'll also see that it's a never-ending circular argument that will forever ravage the internet's... Ok maybe not that bad. I need sleep.
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    The fucking charger bro. 50 bucks for a fucking charger thats gonna last 6 months?
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    Hold up, I am not hating on the other platforms. All I ask for is to not be hated for using a Mac. The point I'm trying to make is not that Macs are better than every other system, that exactly the opposite of the point.
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    @rehman ?? What do you mean?
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    @C0D4 agreed. They are relatively underpowered. But there are other things, like the track pad and the screen, which are constantly used which also have value. Not just pure specs.
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    @C0D4 on the contrary, I do not like iPhones one bit. People are assuming that I am hating on everything else. I'm saying that people don't need to be ridiculed for their choice.
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    @rehman on the contrary, I do. What I'm saying is people don't need to be ridiculed for getting a Mac, or windows or Linux or Solaris. It was exaggerative humor.
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