I lost a friend today😭.

He wanted to checkout my MacBook Pro, because he was thinking about buying one.

So I pulled mine out of my backpack, and turned it on.. Then windows 10 popped up!

I looked at him in shock like I just got caught watching porn. I tried to explain to him “it’s not what you think! I had to install it to use Microsoft Project!

He just looked at me in disgust, shaking his head, and walked away....

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    I'd look at you the same way cause you combined the worst of both worlds
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    @PerfectAsshole cmon it’s not that bad!!! Does it help I have arch running on my desktop?!
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    @marcusp619 I had to use a Mac at work. Hate it. Put win 10 on a vm so I can do the dot net Dev at work while still able to build ios apps. Don't feel bad. Use what you have to. At least win 10 was free for most lol.
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    LOL petty guy if he ends a friendship on that.

    I have a VM with Windows on a Mac myself, because i sometimes need to develop for Microsoft platforms.
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    @lotd he was just giving me shit, I brought him coffee, and he said he was just fucking with me. I’m constantly muttering under my breathe about having to work on a windows machine because I always forget where stuff is or how to do things because I mainly work from my Mac.
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    Also I know were in that time of the month where we are sick of fanboyism over os and I purely chose Mac OS because I knew it would keep me from gaming when I need to be focused on working.

    Bet you fuckers haven’t heard that decision before for choosing an OS!
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    I have a MacBook the first thing I did was format the SSD and install Windows 10 from a USB. MacOS is just digital litter I have no space for on my tiny, non upgradeable, SSD.

    I doubt MacOS will be around much longer as it already feels like clunky software from the 90s.

    I seriously think everything Apple is going ARM....very soon.

    Ohhh and if you care about security, Apple's OS should be the last thing on your PC.
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    @marcusp619 im in the same boat at home, gotta update personal projects?
    Nah, i'd rather mess around in overwatch.
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    Does project work in a VM, or is it too heavy?
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    @bahua not sure I didn’t try it, the school provided me with a free copy of Windows 10 and project.
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    Well a free copy of each would certainly make installing a VM easier.
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    Oh lord what did I start...
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    @FrodoSwaggins my argument against mac hardware is that you generally can build a better system for cheaper from scratch
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    @PerfectAsshole very true, I understand but it was one of those first world problems I’ve always wanted one
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    @lotd I tried getting arch running on a VM on my Mac last night, but for some reason the Mac keyboard shortcuts wouldn't disable. Making i3 impossible to use. Did you have similar issues when you put windows on?
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    Wow. You lost a friend because of that? Don’t you think you’re being overly dramatic? 😑
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    @alphaCoder he was just joking I thought it was funny when he walked away and my initial shock of seeing windows pop up. Decided to share it with you guys/gals.
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    @chzbgr Yeah initially but the boocamp tools helped with that
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    First i tought someone died.
    Then i tought he dropped your laptop.
    Then i tought he caught you watching porn, and since you said you lost a friend to this, it meant that the porn had to be some over the top degeneracy.
    Im dissapointed
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    It reminds me one of my professors of uni time.

    First lesson of the course, he removed his macbook air from the bag pack and turn it.

    Ubuntu splash screen.

    All the class started to applaude.
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    @marcusp619 dual boot and call him back, Act FAST
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    I think there is a subreddit for these posts.


    ....It's where everyone claps.

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    @intromatt never heard of that subreddit I’ll take a look thanks
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    @PerfectAsshole how can you build a better laptop then a MacBook Pro from scratch?
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    Sooo, am I the only one who thought this rant was about a dead friend from the first line?

    Windows on a Mac? Lol not even running it on a VM?
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    @suprano I too thought that.. Lol
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace of course they have had diy notebook kits since 2008. ocz still makes them I believe, I'm eventually going to get me one cause the main manufacturers are going real shitty on laptops in one way or another unless you buy a $3000 one
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    @marcusp619 Humble bragging anyone?😂
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    Once I had a second hand MacBook. It was great until the day my HD died. I had no disks, not anything. So I replaced the HD and had to install my windows until I would be able to get another Mac OS.
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    Did you try to turn off and then turn on your friendship?
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    Has no one heard of Xamarin? Or Visual Studio for Mac?
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    This is why I will never divorce from Linux. Kali Linux is myain chonk (and only one)
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