Am I the only one who thinks all the fuss around github stars, commit frequency, or any social vanity metric in programming is just completely stupid ?

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    Completely agree. Have an ironic ++.
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    a lot of people have strong opinions about this https://github.com/isaacs/github/...
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    Fine, no ++ for you
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    Yeah, that's stupid.

    Activity is cool if it were something personal. I mean, I would like to know in a simple graph how active I am. But just to me.
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    I'll merge with your opinion.
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    I worry about my commit frequency but only so that I don't waste my days. I love coding, but I get lazy and that commit frequency chart with the squares really gets me motivated for some reason.
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    Never thought of them as social vanity metrics. If I'm looking for a library/framework I'll favor those with more stars, recent commits, and high closed-to-open issue ratio. Gotta use things that are well-maintained
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    The fact that there are programs hosted on github that allow you to fake activity in order to draw pixel art with those green tiles kinda proves your point.
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