So, there is this guy whose arguments on "How Apple is bad" are

1) "while copying files in Finder, you don't see a speed graph (like in Windows)"
2) "MacBooks don't have a Touchscreen"
3) "it's slow"
4) "you can't play games (like GTA V)"
5) "having app menus always on the top of the screen instead of in every window makes no sense"

Arguments on "why Linux is bad":

1) "it's ugly"
2) no gaming (same as point 4 above)
3)... And other biased irrelevant shit

Yet his amazing old Windows 10 computer with the most recent Insider build has only a 65% chance of booting on the first attempt. Almost nothing works properly on his hardware yet he always blames something unrelated to him.
Recently I was having trouble with the workplace wifi (for few minutes I wasn't having full speed like he on the other side of the room had), and his reaction "aha, it's your macOS, never working".

Like wtf. I don't hate Windows or I don't love Linux, but I night hate him for being an arrogant cunt and I want to punch his face.

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    Sounds like hardware issues. Insider's builds, even though should be used for testing and not on your main system, have been absolutely bulletproof for me..... and I'm on a 2013 vintage MacBook. This machine has been on the Fast ring for more than 2 years.
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    1, 3 and 4 are all valid
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    Regardless of preference, I am always amazed where everybody gets the Blue screens, forced updates during prestations....
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    @polaroidkidd forced updates are worst
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    My 2013 vintage MacBook is still buttery smooth and boots Windows 10 in seconds (faster than High Sierra when I had a MACOS partition..although even Sierra was blazing quick). This freakkin MacBook is 5+ years old and works and looks the same as when it came out of the box... @Lahsen2016
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    Yea my MacBook is blazing fast. It's even about 4 years old.
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    I used to have a very similar opinion about MacOS until I actually started to use it at work. I still have a windows machine at home for all my gaming needs but I am never going back to developing on windows again. Everything is such a pain to install. Homebrew is lyfe
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    @samroberts707 Homebrew is the bomb. I have a small list of terminal commands that I use when I set up a new MacBook 70% is brew install blabla commands. :)
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