Job opening tells us that they want someone who knows:
C, C++, C#, Java, VB, PHP, HTML, Javascript, MySql, Postgree, windows, Linux, Mac OS, a degree in computer science and a few years of experience.

What you'll actually do in most of those jobs: Deal with Excel spreadsheets.

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    That's too real....stawp....
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    @Heartizack Unfortunately there are lots of job openings like that :(
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    Nah what you'll do in a job like that is basically just wordpress and other (legacy) PHP CMS systems that makes you want to commit Sudoku
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    @inaba what repo am I commiting my sudoku to?
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    They are asking for Web Dev Junior but in requirements say that want someone with HTML, CSS, JS, Java, PHP, SQL, MySQL, C#, and be an advanced student of some IT engineering career... wtf is that? Web Dev Jr just know frontend knowledge and some backend.
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    @inaba you wish... Those guys doesn't even know what they're really asking for. Of course, there are some exceptions, but most of those really just end up on using Excel, or making coffee...
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    @mauker Quick, find the nearest discionary of buzzwords!
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    This. This is relatable.
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    You forgot photoshop, UI/UX design sense etc.

    I once came across an offer who was asking for all the skills mentioned by the OP above plus the one I mentioned and the compensation they were offering was somewhere around 1.6k USD per annum.

    Mind = Blown
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    My boss does that... Every fucking time.

    And he always agrees when we talk about separating front and back end development.

    But puts every fucking requirement in internship job descriptions.

    He is fucking smart for some things and a total retarded for others.
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