There's a fine line in stack overflow.
If you ask something too complicated, nobody will answer it.
However if it's too easy, you got downvoted immediately.πŸ€”

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    Closed as not programming related.
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    Closed as too broad.
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    Marked as duplicate.
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    Or they'll ignore the big picture stuff and dedicate their long-winded answer to pointing out a typo
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    Show us what you’ve tried so far.
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    Well at the complicated site the line isn't as sharp. If it isn't complicated enough but still not easy someone will answer months after you abandoned the project.
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    I tried something like this πŸ˜’
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    Just try to explain why the library or whatever you're using sucks and that what you're trying to do will never work, people tend to try to prove you wrong :D
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    Closed as waiting Chinese in comments
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    Answered a question about js async fetch json and then render data in React.
    How on earth can I test it if he provide a localhost URL?!πŸ˜“
    Some people can't get the basic workflow right, but they want to make some drag and drop UI with React.
    WTF 😀
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    @sunfishcc I shit you not I found the solution to a programming issue by jumping a Chinese forum... Turns out the code snippets were in code not Chinese, so just had to Google translate to get a gist for which comment had the solution and which were thanks or complaints haha.

    Tensorflow I think that was for.
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    @seraphimsystems Im really suck at searching Chinese content 😨. I thought tensorflow was built by Google
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    I would like to point out that in the mathematics stack exchange I have had amazing results asking questions and getting awesome answers in a short period of time.
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    @YousifMansour good on them. Since a math problem written in R belongs to stack overflow 🀦‍♂️
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    @sunfishcc yeah but the app that was using tensorflow had a bug, and the only other guys using it were Chinese haha...
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    It's really fustrating when you know someone has no idea what they are doing, but still managed to correct their shit, and tested with basic case, but don't get any ++.
    Especially in React, many problems relate to promise rejection rather than rendering.
    How the fuck I know what structure they will receive, json don't have a scheme.
    It's No No and No to fetch from constructor, componentWillMount, render.
    Everything you need to NO - grumpy catπŸ™€
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    Have you tried this answer and this answer and this answer because it totally answers your question
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    @arpit1997 when I ask a question, I often include I've seen this answer and this answer and this answer, none of them work on me.
    Fuck, sounds like I'm so hopeless 🀦‍♂️
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    @sunfishcc Those people should understand that if those answer worked for you then you are not stupid to waste your time asking a question. -_-
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    @arpit1997 but not everyone as smart as you , there are people using JQuery inside React, writing fucked up js asynchronous task... and still have more than 2k reputation 🀦‍♂️
    Life is strange πŸ€”
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    The most common reply I received is "tested your code, it doesn't work".
    Of course it doesn't work without minor tweaks.
    I don't even know the full picture.
    It supposed to be pseudo code, with the right syntax and intuition.🀦‍♂️
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