I haven't observed college to be all that effective at teaching CS. CS education is mostly acquired at the University of Google.com/search?q=%s

Question: exactly got how necessary is a degree anymore for programming positions?

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    I didn't get any word you said
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    Depends on company and project complexity. For Web (especially front end) it's less about school and more about work and your Github commits.

    Your portfolio speaks volumes.
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    @Vip3rDev as a game programmer, I'm basically taking my current project and making a portfolio out of it. It's only one thing, but it's been in the works for years. I envy artists who can make huge portfolios of their artwork, whereas I'm just like "here's the source to my last project"
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    @antic Fair point, everyone has to start somewhere! In the beginning I would leverage any schooling you have while you build that portfolio.

    I get that game dev is its own development beast, so portfolio growth might be less than a web developer but, I would highlight any nifty things in your project or, areas where you encountered a challenge and your method to overcome it. That way you can show your code examples and how you work and problem solve.
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    The companies ive talked to, they always say that more often than not having the degree gets you into the interview, but isn't the deciding factor upon whether or not you have the job.

    It always comes down to practical skill.
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    Data Structures - the bane of all developers who want to work for a big "cool" company.

    Tell me about binary search Josh... Should I use it here... Is there a better alternative...

    Or some other stupid shit. I got asked some fucked up shit the other day. Turned out j needed to use Pythagoras... I haven't used that in years!

    So I just read what I said above, and it has no relevance to this question - I needed to rant somewhere and your question got the end of it 😂
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    Academic studies are limited and the practical world is different. Students are taught basic in their college lives rather than the practical scenario of CS. For mastering in CS, a student must believe in self-learning.
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    Totally agree with you. Any business requires an integrated approach.
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