I am DONE with this woman.

Background: we're a team of 3 developers and I'm the junior in this team and I've been in this shit for a year now. 2 months ago the team leader left for another project and I had to stand in for him in every responsibility against the PM and other teams.

Now I not only had to endure this insecure woman but I was also supposed to work with her! Fast-forward to today, the team leader is back and I thought I could put my headphones on and work peacefully at last.

But no!

I've found out she's sent a faulty code to production - no big deal - and said that over chat (although she's sitting right behind me):

Me: We need to fix this.
Her: What?

Me: *giving some details about the issue*
Her: Your attitude is important when you ask me to do something. Whenever you're writing to me you're typing on your keyboard like you're going to break it on my head.

*me not knowing what to say at this point because we had something stupid like this before*

Me: So you're offended by the sound my keyboard makes? (I have mx brown switches by the way and they're not even loud)
Her: No you're typing too fast when you're writing to me. The sound echoes in the office.

Can you fucking believe this shit? I hate people that think they can educate me but have no idea how to rationally respond to situations and take responsibility! I didn't even say anything!

And she's been saying to me she hadn't had a problem with any other people for gazillion years who knows how long and why would she cause a problem now! And thinks I am the problem, fuck YOU!

Since you don't like receiving orders why hadn't you taken the place when the fucking guy went for another project but I had to take all the responsibility? I know why you fucking entitled bitch.


So shut the fuck up and do as I say.

Kind regards

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    When they say they never have a problem, means the opposite
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    @carlosjpc my thoughts exactly! She used to tell me how she had no problems with the other guy being the leader although he's younger than her! And now this, what the actual fuck!
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    @1989 hahaha thanks for cracking me up. She's actually married and with two kids. There's been no love lost between us, I had been tolerating her but no more!
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    Type back, really, really slowly but really loud too.










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    Sounds like you've got a professional complainer on your hands.
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    Type with one finger. This is a first for me ... passive aggressive typing. Who knew? My suggestion is not to escalate. You need to finish the project and you have nothing to prove to her.
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    @seraphimsystems I will honestly just do that on my next message.
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    @ymas yeah I'll just continue hating her deep inside and not show it too much. Thanks for the good advice.
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    @sslPoodle I'm sure she'll be complaining why I'm typing too slow 😂
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