Just used IE on a fresh Windows install to download Chrome..... Now looking for a way to get rid of IE completely.
Seems about right!

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    Should be possible thru add/remove software then windows features.
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    Cannot remove IE as it's built deep into the OS. Even the file browser using explorer.exe to render stuff!
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    @code-god wtf, isn't just the file browser named explorer.exe or are you just making fun out of me?
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    @SirWindfield You cannot remove IE but you can surely disable it by going to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Turn Windows features on or off and
    Un-tick the Internet Explorer option.
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    @SirWindfield IE's process is called "iexplore.exe", it's not related to Windows Explprer - "explorer.exe". However, it is true that you can not remove IE completly, as .NET apps that use WebViews make use of IE.
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    I don't really understand all the frustration about IE, don't use it if it is such problem, personally I would say that it has improved and developer mode F12, allows you to do simple network tracing/measure mentioned( not like wireshark offcource, but still)
    in my daily work I more often see problem related to Firefox where wannabe's has written lousy add-ons causing Firefox to consume all CPU resources
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